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How to be productive as a ‘work at home mum’

Isn’t being a ‘work at home mum’ the dream?


I know I really thought it was!


To be honest, it is great but it’s so much more of a juggle than I realised! I know that I’m not the only one that discovered that to be the reality of it!

Whilst being a work at home mum is a challenge, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

It means that we are able to spend our days together and I can work around them.

I can take time if they’re sick.

We can play outside when the sun is shining.

It means we can spend time together and I don’t miss out on much.

I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t have it’s own challenges though. In the beginning, it was a shock actually! I found it so frustrating that I couldn’t get what I wanted to get done when I wanted. I really felt like a crazy mum and human in general. I know I’m not alone here!

Within my business, I try to automate and outsource what I can. That really helps with the whole work at home mum gig. I now have things pretty streamlined and I spend my time concentrating on creating content, which is quite flexible around the kids.

Once I had that system happening well, I started to wonder how else I could make our days more enjoyable and work for all of us.

I went through all the things that I do around the house in a day. I could outsource a couple, like the cleaning, which I did.

There was still a lot of time that I spent tidying though.

Is that what mum life, in general, is all about? Picking up endless piles of shit, I mean toys?


Learn how to be productive as a work at home mum. Here are my tips that will get you creating more content for you business while having the kids at home.


I decided to really take the minimalism thing more seriously. I culled and culled and culled some more, even though I thought I had already done a good job of minimalising!

The results were amazing, not only are the kids happier and more inclined to play happily for a longer period but I didn’t have to spend the time constantly picking things up!

I can get more work done and they’re happier, win-win in my books!

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How did I actually achieve it?

There are loads of way out there to help you get rid of clutter. My favourites are the Kon Mari Method and Allie Casazza. Both have been very influential in helping me get rid of stuff and simplifying our lives.

If you’ve been on the blog before, you might know that we have grand plans of travelling long term in a couple of years. With that goal, comes the need to cull eventually, so why not start earlier!

That was the basis of my decluttering spree.

Anything that I didn’t want to pay to store, got thrown out. I went room by room (as the time permitted) and went through every object, if it didn’t pass the test, it got thrown out or donated.


I feel like that’s too simple but that’s essentially what I did!

The results have been amazing really! I guess I wasn’t that surprised but I was surprised at how quickly it transformed our lives and my productivity as a work at home mum.

With the children playing for longer without me and the lack of picking everything up, I’ve really been able to batch my work and achieve so much more!


Decluttering your business

Like I mentioned before, I have tried to streamline and declutter my business as well. I know how overwhelming it is when you start and you know all the things you should be doing but just can’t seem to get through them all. Let alone master any of them!

The best piece of business advice that I’ve received is to focus on one thing at a time, get a good hold of it before you move on to something else.

With The Inspired Boss, I started trying to do everything – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Email Marketing, reaching out to course creators and really didn’t pay much attention to SEO and blogging.

Cringe I know!

Just like the house, I threw out what wasn’t serving me and got intentional about where I put my energy.


Here’s the order that I started to work in:



The first thing that I decided to really focus on was Pinterest. I knew that other bloggers were getting a lot of traffic from it. I cleaned up my boards and got really intentional about how I used it. I purchase a few ebooks to help me along the way:

  • Pinterest Strategies – this is now a course and will help you set up your boards and understand how Pinterest works. This course focuses on manual pinning, not using an auto scheduler like Tailwind.
  • Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours – this also a course now and the focus of it is using affiliate marketing with Pinterest. I found this super helpful and didn’t really realise the potential of affiliate income on Pinterest!
  • Making Pinterest Possible – This book is probably the most comprehensive book for beginners. Ana walks you through everything you need to know to get your Pinterest account working for your business.

These three courses and ebooks really showed me the potential and power of Pinterest.

When diving deep into Pinterest I also realised that Tailwind was going to help me save time and make it streamlined. My traffic and clicks skyrocketed with Tailwind, I haven’t looked back!


Search Engine Optimisation

With all the research into Pinterest that I had done, I uncovered that I really needed to focus on SEO. I had always thought it was boring and decided that it wasn’t a priority for me.

How wrong I was.

I know research keywords that I think will help me rank and create blog posts around those. I’m very conscious of using keywords that are will add value to my audience and bring the right kind of traffic to my website. To do keyword research I use, KeySearch (get a 20% discount using the code KSDISC ) and make sure the keyword I want to rank for has a difficulty of 50 or less (ideally less than 40 but I’ve had some good success with some around 47 and 48) and is being searched for.

This will give you a few really topics to post about. I use the Yoast plugin to make sure each post is centred around the keyword I’m going for.

Email marketing

I had my email marketing set up from the beginning with a free op tin but I did get it up fairly quickly. There wasn’t too much thought in it but it was something and my list was starting to grow. I knew that it could be better but I committed to sending regular (about 2 a month) emails and start building a community.

I have since created a few more opt ins and they are performing much better, this made me think about what I was offering and decided it needed to be something that someone would actually pay for. That’s the standard it needs to be!

Since creating that, my email list has grown in leaps and bounds and to be honest, most of my sales have come from the list. On top of that, most of my email sign-ups have come from Pinterest and Google – they all work together!



Outsourcing has been integral to making working from home sustainable. I know that not everyone can afford it but seeing as though I have my kids at home with me and am not paying for childcare, the family budget could stretch a bit.

It’s been a gamechanger.

Not only because I have other people helping me but it’s also really helped me see what my role is in the business. I need to be the visionary. The one that’s thinking forward and deciding where to take the business.

It’s forced me to up my mindset and be the owner of the business, not necessarily the one doing all the work (i am actually writing this blog post if you’re wondering). A podcast that has helped me in this area is James Wedmore and his Mind Your Business Podcast.

So that’s where I am and how I’ve made being a work at mum manageable. It’s totally possible!

How do you balance your home and work life when being a work at home mum?


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