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Podcasts: Our top 4 favourites for creative entrepreneurs

Grab your phone and headphones. Because some #podcastfire to come your way! At The Inspired Boss, we love our Podcasts. So it’s time that we you the lowdown on our absolute favourite podcasts that we are loving for creative entrepreneurs.


Mind Your Business

The host behind this podcast is James Wedmore – and if you haven’t heard about him you’re going to want to. After failing as a bartender, James set out to build a business around his passion – a story that sounds familiar, yes?

He now teaches digital entrepreneurs everywhere how to reach more people, make more money and have more fun.

Basically, as the host of “Mind Your Business”, James delves into the misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful.


That’s right, step outside your #riseandgrind bubble because you’ll be invited to think about your success and how your thoughts, behaviour and self-awareness ALL impact it (not just how much you hustle in a day).


When to listen:

We recommend you tune into this one on a Sunday afternoon because a) It will give you an energising transition into Monday and b) You’ll actually have the time to digest the content

Jump onto the Mind Your Business website here.


Pursuit With Purpose


Hands up if you would define success as owning a million dollar business? Business owner and host of Pursuit With Purpose, Melyssa Griffin did – but she was miserable.


Because over time her business and objectives had started to sway from her purpose. And for most of us in the start-up world, turning over a profit is the goal – but losing ourselves in the process is our worst nightmare.

So Melyssa re-evaluated her WHY and began to run her business from a place of intention and community. As you can guess – everything changed.

Instead of encouraging competition and adding to the rat race mindset, Melyssa’s podcast series Pursuit With Purpose is for anyone who wants to create a life and business that is meaningful, authentic and fulfilling (#YES).

When to listen:

Give this series a listen on your way to work, lunch break or on your way home. By listening to it at some point during the day, it will keep you grounded and ensure there is intention behind your tasks.

Read the blog post on the launch of Pursuit With Purpose here.


Being Boss

Creative entrepreneurs – this one is for you. The title is fitting for hosts Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, who are both successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

Emily founded Indie Shopography in 2009: a design and strategy studio for creative small business owners; Kathleen founded Braid Creative and Consulting: a boutique branding agency and consultancy she co-owns with her sister.

The duo’s podcast has been downloaded over 3 million times – which speaks for itself. So if you need BTS help on setting up shop, staying organised, figuring out where to fit in a vacation and literally how to be and remain “boss” throughout the #hustle then download, kick back and let the podcast mentorship begin!


When to listen:

This is a Monday morning podcast FOR SURE. No questions or arguments.

Be on your way to becoming boss here.


Amy Porterfield

Marketers everywhere rejoice!! We’ve found the perfect podcast for you regardless of your speciality, industry or career stage!

As the ultimate #inspo Amy’s story is one we’ve heard a few times over the years …

Amy was a corporate “yes” girl; eager to please; desperate for approval; scared to death for making it out on her own.

And her journey once she took the plunge into entrepreneurship was anything but smooth.

Amy’s experience, expertise and down-to-earth personality makes her an absolute DREAM to listen and learn from. Think interviews with industry, practical how-to’s, #BTS secrets and motivation galore.

Okay we’ll stop gushing. But seriously – this is your ultimate resource to start #killingit.

When to listen:

Lunchtime. Just make sure you’re somewhere you can take notes!

Is it awkward that we even have a crush on Amy’s website.

There you have it team. These podcasts are going to pull you out of your start-up ruck and be sure to get you back on track AND help you be a damn #success.

Got some ultimate podcasts you think we’d enjoy? Do share with us below by hitting “comment!”

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