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To Business Coach or Not To Business Coach?

So you’ve jumped into the business world headfirst.

There may have been a few things that you winged, lots of processes that you already knew how to establish and carry out successfully AND you have a steady stream of clients!


Things will definitely keep carrying on smoothly – right?

Sure, there’ll be a few bumps in the road, but you’ll be able to handle them easily!

Why would you need anyone else’s input in your business?

Ahhhhh. Well. While your friends and family are good for venting about your business woes (and accomplishments!!!) there is a HUGE benefit in inviting a professional business coach to be a part of your journey.

Here’s 7 reasons why:


1. There’s two sides to every story, problem and solution.

We’re talking about perspective. It’s something you need and something you’re going to WANT when you’re building your own business.

A business coach is literally qualified in helping you grow and build your business for success. So they’re going to bring advice and coaching that’s saturated in experience.

Once you find a business coach that fits in with both you AND your business, you need to remind yourself that you’ve hired this person to help you – so avoid fighting them at every turn.


2. Grow your network.

Wowowowow. Have you met a business coach before? Or lurked one on LinkedIn? Their networks are truly phenomenal.

Which means that once you connect and start working with one – your networking opportunities are going to skyrocket!!!

When new connections are made, either directly through you or via someone else it means awareness of your business grows and grows AND grows #DominoEffect.


3. The best thing for your business is the truth.

When you are in the position of Founder, General Manager, Accountant and Full-Time Staff in your business … you can tend to see things through rose-coloured glasses.

Your business coach doesn’t.

And won’t be afraid to tell you if you’re making a mistake, making the wrong business decision or have implemented a process that isn’t quite right … or is hindering your business!


4. Have a Professional #1 Fan.

Regardless of where you’re at in your business journey, we can all agree that it’s hard to back yourself 24/7.

You can’t put a price on the support of your friends and family BUT trust us when we say – having someone who has been there, someone who is invested as well in your business, and someone who is there to support you and be your sounding board will uplevel your confidence in both yourself (and your business) to new heights.


5. Increase in profit (and more)

There’s no way we could leave this one off the list. And we don’t need to say much on this point apart from – invest in a solid business coach, one who takes the time to know you AND your business and you will receive a return in your investment.



6. Jump outside your comfort zone.

As entrepreneurs we tend to go on and on about living life outside our ‘comfort zones’ BEFORE we start our businesses.

And then once we’re building and growing them – that mindset tends to freeze.

We get it … it’s scary to be trying to make it happen day by day.

Yes, it’s pretty bloody uncomfortable to hire a business coach. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed or you desperately need help to run your business. It’s actually the opposite. It means you’ve recognised that your business is something important that you should continue to invest in!!


7. A wealth of knowledge … that’s yours.

What you learn during your business is going to double – actually triple. Why? Because you’re working with someone who has a wealth of knowledge and brings to the table a unique journey of their own.

Oh and the best part… all of that is going to be shared with you.

Mistakes, successes, advice, teachings – it’s all part of the coaching – and it’s going to help drive you all the way to your goals.


Ta da.

7 reasons why you should say YES to a business coach and YES to investing in your self.

Have you tried and tested a business coach in your business journey? Do you have any tips for any #entrepreneurs looking to hire one? Drop your biz advice below!

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