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The Best Templates for Squarespace for online creatives

The Best Templates for Squarespace for Online Creatives

Squarespace is one of the big website hosting and creation platforms, along with WordPress and Shopify. It is a great alternative for WordPress, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with website creation. Squarespace is a drag and drop platform, making it super easy to create a beautiful website and they also offer 100+ free templates for you to chose form. It can be hard to find the best templates for Squarespace but we’re here to help!

Like with all platforms, a market has been developing around templates for Squarespace making it easy for you to purchase a template that will be more unique than the free ones offered by Squarespace. 

There are plenty of designers creating templates for Squarespace so let’s have a look at some that are perfect for online creatives.

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Mike and Brittini over at Station Seven are designers that have created templates for Squarespace that help you create an effective online presence that allows you to work on your terms. 

Not only have they created beautiful templates for Squarespae but they also offer a range of marketing templates such as social media templates Pinterest bundle and even a lead magnet bundle

They really offer you so much to get your website and business off the ground and get you making money with minimal outlay and effort.

2. Big Cat Creative

Erica, the founder of Big Cat Creative, is so creative and she’s created some amazing templates for Squarespace, perfect of online creatives. 

She has plenty of beautiful templates to chose from (you’ll have a hard time trying to pick one!) and she also offers to install the template within 48 hours. All you need to do is go in and edit images, logo and the text. So simple and will save you so much time, especially if all this website stuff is new to you!

You can also purchase social media templates that compliment your chosen Squarespace template. Erica has created branded social media templates that will keep your branding cohesive an on point.

Templates for Squarespace - Applet Studio
Templates for Squarespace - Applet Studio

Applet Studio creates versatile and easy to use Squarespace templates that come with an abundance of tutorials to help you along, perfect if you’re building your first website! On top of that, they offer additional support with their super affordable ‘Squarespace Mastery’ course.

23&9 Creative - Templates for Squarespace
23&9 Creative - Templates for Squarespace

Chelsea is a website designer that creates templates for Squarespace that help you tell your story. The thing that stands out for us is that Chelsea’a templates have an awesome pop of color, something that you don’t always see and they are quite affordable, the perfect option if you have a limited budget. 

Make sure you also check out her social media templates to help you get started.

GoLive create easy to use Squarespace templates that will help you to get your website live in a matter of days! They have a large selection of templates to chose from, there’s something for every online creative entrepreneur. They are clean, creative and use a range of color palettes. 

If you are new to the online business space, GoLive has also created mini workshops that will help you make a splash with your new online business.

templates forSquarespace - The Coast Kit

Meg and Hailey have created beautifully designed templates for Squarespace. They have a large selection to suit most online creative business owners and help you take the overwhelm out of designing and building your dream website. 

They also have social media and e-book templates available for purchase. 

You can also get a 15% discount with the code THEINSPIREDBOSS15

Squarespace templates - Forth and Wild
Templates forSquarespace - Forth and Wild

Meagan is a super talented graphic designer from Toronto, Canada. She not only creates amazing templates for Squarespace but also designs fonts, templates for social media, business card templates, pre made logos and even Lightroom presets. She’s a one stop shop for budding online creative!

Her Squarespace templates are creative and super affordable, each template comes with instructional videos to help you install your template and get your webaote up and running in no time!

We hope these Squarespace templates help you to make a choice of template that best suits you and your business. Good luck getting your business up and running!

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