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My productivity tips for work at home moms and those juggling their 9-5 and a side huslte!

Want to know how to find more time to dedicate to your growing business?

Here are my productivity tips that get more done, even if you have kids, are still in your 9-5 or both!


I know what it’s like, you want to build a successful business so that you can have more time with your kids or ditch the day job but how on earth do you fit it in when you’re already so busy!

You’ll be presently surprised that is possible! I am able to do it and I’ve heard so many other women say that they can too.

There was a time where I was so busy that I thought it was impossible but I was hearing about other women that were making it happen.

Did they have the magic secret that I didn’t know about?

Were they working on their business whilst at work?

Or working instead of being present with the kids?

I had no idea but I did know that they were doing it. It was possible!

With that blind faith, I jumped right into starting an online business! Crazy right? I knew I could make it work and I was determined to get freedom back into my life.

Of course, I read a lot and listened to podcasts, they’ve been so transformative for my own personal growth as well as the growing of my businesses. It wasn’t until I started the business and used trial and error to figure out what worked for me, my business and my family.

I now have a pretty good system. Of course, there are days that my priorities change slightly but for the most part, it works for me.

When I was starting out, I loved reading actual stories and seeing what others were doing so I’ve popped my productivity tips into a list that might help you in the same way others helped me way back in the beginning.

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Here are my productivity tips:


1. You must treat your ‘side hustle’ as your business

This is true even when you’re not making any money. You’re going into this knowing that it’s going to be successful (if you’re not at that point where you know your success is inevitable, then you need to work on your mindset, I highly recommend James Wedmore’s podcast Mind Your Own Business). This will mean that you prioritise your business over going out at times. It will also mean that you need to communicate with your spouse the importance of what you’re doing and the vision you have for it, I know this is a huge struggle for other women.

I did recently listen to a podcast where the guest said to her husband ‘you don’t have to support me but don’t get in my way’. Whilst I was a little upset that her spouse didn’t support her, she knew that her success was inevitable and told him she was going to do it anyway. By the way, her business is now a multi 7 figure business!

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2. Automate as much as you can within your business.

That might mean that you create automated email funnels, invest in Tailwind (use my affiliate link to receive your free trial) or another social media scheduling program. Think about all the tasks that need to be done to make your business work, make a list and then create a plan to automate as much of it as you can. You’d be surprised how much can be automated or close to automated within your business.

Top course: Six Figure Blogger by Create and Go – if you’re serious about getting your funnels to work for you, then I can’t recommend this course highly enough! They give you the exact email templates they use in their million-dollar business.

The same principle goes for automating tasks in your personal life or within the household. Setting up direct debits to pay bills, automatic bank transfers for savings, getting your groceries delivered or maybe even getting Hello Fresh (we love this! It saves you time both in the shopping and figuring out what to eat!).


My top productivity tip for work at home moms


3. Delegate tasks.

I think this has to be my favourite productivity tip because when you get this right, you’re able to completely scale your business. This means that you can create more income without it having to rely on you. Amazing hey!

To get started with it, think about how much your time is worth (this will be different for everyone). Then anything that can be done cheaper by someone else, hire them to do it. This might mean that you get a cleaner in once a week, you outsource social media management or other content creation tasks.

This is seriously the key to getting you out of your business and being the brains behind the business.


4. Self-care is a must.

If you’re needing to fit more in your day, then you need to make sure you’re looking after yourself, otherwise, you won’t have the energy to be with the kids all day and then dedicate a few hours to your business. A word of warning here, when you’re at your 9-5 or will the kids, be there. Don’t try to juggle them both at the same time. Trust me, it doesn’t work!

Self-care will look different for everyone. For me it looks like, getting my workouts in, having the time to get to yoga classes or be able to do them at home, having the space to prepare wholesome and nutritious meals and having some alone time each week (this is where the magic of creativity happens for me).

Please don’t feel guilty or selfish for looking after yourself. You are your priority! Before you get upset that the kids should be the priority, who will look after them if you’re unwell? You’re able to be the best mother and version of yourself when you’re able to look after yourself properly.


5. Know when you’re at your best workwise.

Figure out when you’re at your most productive. You might be more productive in the morning, therefore you get up before work or the kids and get a couple of hours done. The same goes for the night.

Maybe you prefer to put in a long day over the weekend, make that happen. Or maybe you get away regularly and really batch your work.

There are so many combinations that you’re able to create so have a play to see what works.


6. Get yourself an accountability partner.

They work wonders! It’s amazing how much more productive I am when I have to ‘report’ back to someone else. It’s also great to have someone to bounce ideas off and nut out any problems that you might be having.

If you don’t have one in real life, then ask in a business Facebook group where a potential business bestie might be hanging out! Don’t be afraid, everyone else is wanting to ask the question too!


There you have it, my productivity tips to get you growing your business and revenue.

Do you have any that I didn’t cover? Let me know in the comments!

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