Web Hustle – WordPress Essentials for VAs and Graphic Designers

In a self-paced, online classroom environment, you will learn how to build and maintain WordPress websites with the aim of selling web design services to your own clients.
Meg will take you through every part of the WordPress build & design process, including:
  • Web design terminology and information gathering
  • Installing & configuring WordPress
  • Essential plugins
  • Creating content for your site
  • Best practice for web images
  • Designing a site using web themes
  • How to maintain the site
  • Securing a web site
  • Common errors and how to fix them, pronto!
  • Plus some extra-special additions your clients will love!
The course is neatly divided into bite-sized video chunks that will allow you to absorb the information more easily and implement as you go.  Take the course as you build a site, or just follow along to gain an understanding.
There are no set timelines for this course, so you can complete it in your own time, at your own pace.
The best part – no technical skills are required.

Not only will you be taught by Meg, a web designer with nearly 20 years of experience, you’ll also have me available to you via our exclusive students-only Facebook group and via a free 1:1 chat.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Preparation

  • the basic terminology demystified.
  • gathering all of your information together.
  • selecting a web host and domain name.
  • the importance of having ftp and cPanel access
  • the importance of SSL certificates
  • join the FREE Facebook group

Module 2: Installation

  • Install WordPress via the cPanel

Module 3: The Tour

  • Language settings
  • Timezone, Date and Time formats
  • Visitor comments
  • Media settings
  • Permalinks
  • Privacy page

Module 4: The Plugins

  • What are plugins?
  • How to install plugins
  • Which plugins to install
  • How to disable & delete plugins
  • Install a Coming Soon page plugin
  • List of Meg’s favourite ‘must-have’ plugins

Module 5: Adding Content

  • Learn the difference between Posts & Pages
  • How to create Pages & Posts
  • Learn the different settings available
  • Learn how to schedule and create drafts
  • How to duplicate, delete and edit
  • Setting your home page
  • How to add categories and tags
  • How to add a thumbnail images

Module 6: Images

  • Basic guidelines about sourcing your images
  • How to avoid blurry images
  • Best image formats for the web
  • How to upload images to your site
  • How to add images to your Page/Post

Module 7: Menus & Widgets

  • Learn about the different types of menus
  • Create a Primary, Sidebar and Footer menu
  • Add widgets to your Sidebar and Footer

Module 8: Design Time

  • What is a theme
  • What to consider when choosing a theme
  • Installing your theme
  • The importance of a child theme
  • How to create a child theme

Module 9: Maintenance

  • The importance of running regular updates
  • Site backups and how often you should be taking them
  • Site performance & its effects in search engines
  • Finding broken links & fixing them
  • Creating a site maintenance plan for your client
  • FREE Annual site maintenance checklist

Module 10: Security

  • Why security is SO important online
  • Recommended security plugins & their settings
  • Disaster recovery. How to get everything working without fuss.
  • Extra security tips for your protection

Module 11: Troubleshooting

  • Learn about the most common errors and how to resolve them quickly and easily

Module 12: Non-Essential Nice Things

  • Custom branding on the login page
  • Creating a custom page for planned site maintenance outages


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