Learn Visual Storytelling with @darelist.family

Wanting a beginner’s photography course to up your photography and Lightroom skills?

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of using manual settings on your DSLR or how to capture beautiful, candid images with your high-energy kids?

Do you see a memorable moment and grab your camera to shoot, only to miss the cute smile while fiddling with the controls?

Step up your photography skills, shoot on manual settings, learn how to master Lightroom CC and walk with us step-by-step through our entire start-to-finish photography process (including tips for photographing with kids!).

This beginner’s photography course features:

  • 9 over-arching lessons (split into 21 in-depth modules)
  • Self-paced design so you can ‘binge’ or take your time
  • Video and written content with tons of photography examples
  • BONUS: @darelist.family Lightroom Preset pack ($10) FREE for students
  • Interactive tasks at the close of each lesson to engage students to practice offline
  • Exclusive Facebook group for students to receive feedback and ask questions


What you’ll learn in ‘Learn Visual Storytelling’:

Module 1: Why Visual Storytelling?

Topics covered:

– Introduction to their ‘style’ of photography

– Digital minimalism

– Finding time as a busy family to photograph


Module 2: Deciding which gear to buy

Topics covered:

– How much gear do I need?

– The first purchase we recommend

– Why adjust the color balance

– DLSR cameras and lenses


Module 3: Planning Your Photos

Topics covered:

– How to develop a style

– The @darelist.family style explained

– Framing your photo

– Shooting ‘for Instagram’ vs. shooting for framing later

– Why shoot portrait orientation

– Finding natural environments to shoot portrait in


Module 4: Creating a Great Photo

Topics covered:

– Breakdown of what it takes to make a great photograph

– Times of day explained (golden hour etc.) and how to use each

– Principles of photography: Leading lines, rule of thirds, the journey ahead, shooting without crowds, finding a unique moment, reflections


Module 5: The Photography Process from Start to Finish

Topics covered:

– 7 steps to getting the perfect photo (from research, to packing gear, to shooting on location, to editing and post production)

– Tips for photographing a wriggly toddler

– Remote shutter, interval timer + tripod


Module 6: Manual Setting

General topics covered (in great detail):

– Depth of Field

– Aperture + Shutter speed

– ISO + F-stops

– How they work together and when to use them


Module 7: Shooting in jpeg vs RAW

Topics covered:

– The difference between RAW and JPEG images

– Why you should change your settings to shoot RAW

– Continuous shooting mode


Module 8: Introduction to Lightroom

Topics covered:

– The difference between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

– Why focus on Lightroom CC in this course (as a good entry point for beginners)

– Purchasing Lightroom Presets and Installing the @darelist.family Preset Pack included as a BONUS with the course (18 presets + 5 color corrections)


Module 9: How to Edit in Lightroom

Topics covered:

– Applying presets

– Using edit controls

– Using Big 5 functions: crop, exposure, shadows, HSL + clarity

– Linear gradients

– Radial gradients

– Brush tool highlighting

– Course conclusion

To learn more and to purchase, head to over to the Darelist Family!