The Digital Picnic – Facebook Ads Online Intensive

Ready to learn more about Facebook ads?

Did you know that simply boosting a post on Facebook isn’t *really* Facebook advertising? Sure, you’ll get reach and engagement, but really, what kind of reach? And where from? And can you track it to see what conversions come from that reach?

The answer is no, you can not.

So, … the girls at The Digital Picnic are inviting you to step away from the ‘Boost’ button and into the Facebook Ads Manager back-end, where they’ve had a lot of experience developing successful Facebook advertising campaigns on behalf of their clients, and they want you to learn how to achieve the same kind of success.

Join The Digital Picnic for this online intensive on one of their favourite digital marketing strategies to incorporate into your overall strategy and they’ll teach you everything they know about running successful campaigns that give you a clear ROI and really work!

The Digital Picnic Facebook Ads course is a self-paced online learning course with the content being delivered via 15 videos.



What’s covered in The Digital Picnic Facebook Ads course?

  • Facebook ads strategy and how to design your campaigns for maximum impact
  • Understanding the Facebook pixel
  • Designing a simple ads funnel
  • Understanding Facebook ads objectives
  • Navigating the Facebook ads dashboard
  • Audience targeting + retargeting options
  • Creating audiences to target your ideal customer
  • Understanding the Facebook ads structure
  • Ad Creative formats
  • How to create ad campaign, from strategy through to completion [practical session]
  • Ad testing and optimisation options
  • Reporting – how to interpret your results and analytics
  • Ad Management options – Power Editor / Ads Manager + Business Manager

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