Six Figure Blogger by Create and Go

The Formula for Making Six Figures From Your Blog With Digital Products and Services, Without Being Scammy or Spending Thousands on Over-Priced Courses!


Lauren and Alex went from $1,000 blogging to making over $20,000 per month from their blogs… in just 3 months!

They now make over $50,000/month blogging…

It might sound insane, but Lauren and Alex started in the exact same seat as you are sitting in now.

They had a blog and were making some money from it using affiliate marketing and other methods, but they were not even close to their goal of living the dream as full-time bloggers.

You are probably feeling like there’s some sort of ceiling preventing you from earning serious money from your blog. 

As a blogger, there are two problems you face when trying to scale your blog and what you do.

Ironically, they have very little to do with overall traffic and much more to do with how you monetize that traffic. 

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There are lots of bloggers out there that are frustrated and searching for the process that will take their blog to the next level.

This is how you do it. Lauren and Alex’s product is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to make an incredible income selling digital products and services with your blog.

But before we look at the course, let’s look at the common mistakes you are probably making….


7 Common Mistakes You’re Probably Making As a Blogger

1. You don’t know how to create sales-centered content.

Creating content that is sales “centered” may seem simple enough, but it’s the difference between what made their blog thrive and just survive in the beginning.

2. You think the quantity of visitors matters more than quality.

There are blogs with low visitors that make six figures in a single month, and there are blogs with millions of visitors that hardly make any money. It’s all about the quality of the visitor you are bringing in to your blog.

3. You don’t understand how to build an email trust funnel.

You may be using email, but chances are you’re not using it right. The right way both creates an amazing connection with your audience AND provides immediate sales after subscribing.

4. You don’t believe you’re good enough.

Hahahahaha, no. Let’s get this out of the way. You’re absolutely awesome just as you are. Being a bad-ass blogger is something you can and will accomplish. Don’t ever let those doubts drown out your dreams.

5. You don’t know the stupidly insane importance of building a high-converting sales page.

You know the difference between a sales page that converts at 1% vs. 3% – Triple the profits. If you get 100 visitors to that page, you will sell 3 products instead of 1. That difference ALONE is why many bloggers fail, but Lauren and Alex have the EXACT formula.

6. You think building a product sounds scary.

It’s not. It just sounds scary when haven’t done it yet. After completing 5+ successful digital products, they know the exact formula for making sure it’s a success every time.

7. You don’t have proper guidance.

Yes, you can be a professional “value” hunter on the internet, scouring for information on how to make money blogging, but it will leave you with a bunch of fragmented advice that won’t fit together. The key is understanding how everything works, A-Z, for your blog.

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