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Carly show’s you how she used manually pinning to grow her blog to 200K page views per month on her blog – without a scheduler


When Carly started out with her blog, she wanted to grow it but I frustrated with her growth. She set about reading every blog post she could and discovered, they were all pointing her towards paid schedules, like Tailwind.

Being on a budget, she created a system of manual pinning and saw amazing results in her monthly pageviews, quickly reaching 200K per month.

She shares what she’s learnt on the journey!


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Learn how to manually pin with Pinteresting Strategies


How to set up your Pinterest profile:

  • Setting it up the right way
  • Setting up your boards
  • How to set up rich pins
  • Explanation of how Pinterest works


Pinterest is about people:

  • Understanding user content and how people interact with your pins


Pinterest is about SEO

  • Understanding SEO for Pinterest
  • Creating pin descriptions


Group Boards

  • How and why they’re still relevant
  • How to use them and monitoring their performance


Get Pinning

  • Filling your boards
  • The first pin, hashtags and fresh content
  • Carly’s pinning strategy (how to manually pin)
  • Keeping track of pins
  • Supplementing with Tailwind
  • Know when to create new pins for old content

To learn more and to purchase Pinteresting Strategies, head to Blogging Like you Mean it.