A Beautiful Mess – Photoshop For Bloggers

In Photoshop for Bloggers, photographer Sarah Rhodes will cover just about everything you need to pump up your Photoshop game.

You might be brand new, having never opened Photoshop before, or you’ve played around with it some and are ready to dig deeper. You’ll learn all about each of your palettes and windows, adjustment layers, how to edit people, how to create your own actions, how to make dynamic collages easily, how to switch heads and change background colors, how to make animated GIF files, and much more.

This course, Photoshop for Bloggers, will focus on being technical, efficient, and creative! And most importantly, you will learn that Photoshop isn’t as scary or overwhelming as you might think it is!


In Photoshop for Bloggers, you’ll learn how to:

Set up Photoshop, Bridge, and your Photoshop work space
Use the camera raw window
Use adjustment layers for editing
Use the history palette
Use each selection tool
Use each editing tool
Edit people (my favorite methods)
Use adjustment layers for faces and skin
Edit photos without using actions
Rotate and straighten your images
Create a double exposure look
Install and use fonts, brushes, and actions
Add shapes and text to photos
Insert images into text
Use shortcuts and create your own for your fastest workflow
Sharpen images two ways
Use layer masks to change hair color and background colors
Make your own actions
Swap heads
Create a holga-blurred photo
Use liquify the right way
Use grids for design and composition
Create collages 3 ways
Add handwriting to photos
Make an animated GIF file
Troubleshoot in Photoshop
BONUS: How to batch edit your photos

To learn more about Photoshop for Bloggers, head to A Beautiful Mess