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I’VE PARTNERED WITH WORLD-CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER LAURENCE NORAH to help you take better pictures when you travel. Laurence, a lovely British chap, has been a professional photographer for six years and first picked up a camera over two decades ago!

He’s widely considered one of the top travel photographers online and has worked with numerous clients, like Panasonic and Vanguard. His work has appeared in magazines and news sites, including in USA Today, The Times, BuzzFeed, and the Evening Standard, and on National Geographic and the BBC.

Each year, he leads intensive photowalks around the world to help people take better pictures — on and off the road.

Think of how you feel when you look a beautiful photograph. That sense of wonder, that feeling of awe. You imagine yourself there. It’s a feeling that inspires.

There’s nothing better than looking at a photo and realizing you took a beautiful image that freezes that magical moment perfectly.

Taking beautiful photos and being able to feel that about your photos isn’t as hard as you think. It doesn’t require buying expensive equipment, fancy studios, or high-tech editing software. All you need is dedication and some simple concepts to you improve your photography right away.


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Course Syllabus

This course is broken down into an 8-week training program that takes you from understanding your camera to editing your pictures to selling your photography. We’re going to give you so much information, you’ll never be without something to do! Each unit has a homework assignment that will help you put the unit’s concepts into action. Additionally, you’ll get feedback on your photos! I will personally look at and give feedback on your submitted homework.



The nuts and bolts of how your camera works
How to pick the right camera
Depth of field and compression tutorials
All about lenses and accessories
Glossary of terms
BONUS: A gear guide cheat sheet



The rules of composition
Exposure concepts
The importance of light (and how to use it)
How to shoot in RAW
How to master white balance



Editing your photos (with video tutorials on Lightroom)
How to organize your photos
How to store and save your files
How to manage your editing workflow



The basics of mobile photography
Tips and advice for compact cameras
Advanced tricks with mobile photography
How to edit your photos on your phone



Flash photography
HDR photography



Astrophotography and night photography



Long-exposure photography



How to promote your photography business
How much to charge for your photos
How to succeed at building an online platform

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