Kimi Kinsey – Designing with Topography

Your graphics could use some work!

Time to get off of the graphic design struggle bus! Professional graphics designed by you are only a few clicks away.

This course, Designing with Topography by Kimi Kinsey, is graphic design betterment course, no matter what graphic design program you use.


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Here’s what you’re going to learn from this typography-based course:


Everything you need to know about designing quality graphics that look professional and attract your audience is here in this graphic design betterment course.

Here’s the short of what you’ll get (you can totally check out the specifics further down the page):

  • The psychology behind your font choices and how to choose the ones that speak (and say the right things) to your audience.
  • How to pair fonts correctly so that you’re piecing together graphics that look nice – and not making any font choice faux pas.
  • Using typography to stand out in a sea of otherwise poorly made graphics so that you’re the one getting the clicks!
  • The best, commercially licensed fonts that you can use for your brand – so you’re always working with fonts you have permission to use.


To learn more and to purchase, head to Designing with Topography