Her Paper Route – The Micro Influencer Handbook

Learn how to earn a living by becoming a micro influencer with a small social following

Brands are looking for bloggers with small, targeted niche audiences for paid reviews, sponsorships, and partnerships

These bloggers are called Micro-Influencers

Micro-Influencers earn a living from their bijou online following, getting paid to blog and post on Instagram via sponsored brand partnerships, while gaining a ton of free products along the way.

You can do it too. Chelsea from Her Paper Route will show you how.


Learn how to become a micro influencer in your niche in this intensive training from Her Paper Route. Gain insight into the business of blogging and influencer marketing, learn the tools you need to work with brands, create high-converting content, advertising, and successfully monetize your online persona.

What You Will Learn in The Micro Influencer Handbook:


  • How to create a business plan with actionable & attainable goals you will be excited to reach
  • How to create a media kit that stands out from the rest
  • How to confidently approach, pitch to & work with brands for paid sponsorships
  • Access to my list of brands accepting micro influencers for paid projects
  • How to get your name on brand PR lists as an in-demand influencer so you can be included in product launches, sponsored projects & given free products to review


  • Social media marketing and strategy development
  • Instagram marketing, gaining engaged followers & beating the algorithm
  • How to make your social profiles professional, beautiful & attractive to brands
  • Training on the best social media tools & tech
  • Email marketing, why growing your list is so important as an influencer and how to do it like a pro
  • How to get complementary products, clothes, hotel stays and other valuable goods


  • How to create a powerful blog that generates income and influence, one that brands will notice and want their products featured on
  • Understanding and implementing affiliate marketing
  • How to write high converting content that earns commissions, ad revenue & more sponsorships
  • How to get approved for sponsorship & affiliate programs every time
  • How to sell on your blog & social accounts

To learn more about how to become a micro influencer and enrol, head to Her Paper Route.