Alex Tooby – Hashtag Hero

Hashtag Hero is an Instagram marketing course that walks you through the exact steps Alex takes to build a super-powerful list of hashtags that not only attracts targeted visitors to her feed but also substantially increases her engagement, followers, and paying customers!

Alex has now bundled her 3 programs into 1! The Instagram Ivy League is now available!

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When you enroll in Hashtag Hero, you will learn:

  • The importance of using hashtags on Instagram & understanding how they work
  • How using the right hashtags can bring more targeted traffic to your content
  • How to use Instagram’s built-in features to conduct high quality hashtag research
  • Three requirements every hashtag must meet to provide the most exposure & engagement
  • Four guidelines to follow for optimal hashtag selection
  • The hashtag ‘sweet spot’ that ensures your post will be seen by the widest range of people
  • Alex’s “5-15-10” combination of hashtags that guarantees you’ll reach your ideal audience
  • Three hashtag tricks you must implement to avoid being shadowbanned by Instagram
  • How to create a powerful brand hashtag that gets your audience involved
  • The one simple change you must make to stop attracting your competitors
  • The #1 mistake that causes people to scroll right past your photo
  • A variety of time-saving tricks to boost efficiency and engagement

To learn more and purchase the course, head to Alex Tooby.