Applecart Lane – A Blogger’s Graphic Design Primer

The Blogger’s Graphic Design Primer course has been created for bloggers and online business owners who want to learn how to design more intentional visual graphics.


This course covers a simple four-step system that you can apply to any graphic you create that will result in more professionally designed graphics that work harder for you.

Two bonus lessons cover important secondary principals. Three additional lessons cover the basics of graphic elements: text, images and colour.



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What you’ll learn in A Blogger’s Graphic Design Primer:


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Proximity – Plan and create a clear message with proximity

Module 3: Alignment – Make sure your graphics are professional and polished with alignment

Module 4: Repetition – Become memorable and recognisable with repetition

Module 5: Contrast – Make your images pop with contrast

Module 6: Hierarchy – Create order out of chaos with visual hierarchy

Module 7: Whitespace – Simplify your designs with white space

Module 8: Working with Fonts – Font basics for beginners

Module 9: Working with Color – Color basics for bloggers

Module 10: Working with Photos: The basics of working with photos

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