Blogger Jess – Ebooks That Sell

In this course, Ebooks That Sell, Jess will walk you through the entire process of writing, creating and selling your very first ebook.

All delivered in an easy to read and apply format, she keeps her guides completely fluff free!  Jess wants you to be able to read the guide and then take action ASAP.

She’s even got some awesome worksheets to help you keep your thoughts in order as you move through the guide.


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Now Jess Is Sharing All The Strategies She’s Learnt With You!

Jess now been selling digital courses for over 4 years, and have made millions of dollars in the process.  But, it all got started with that one little ebook!  It was the thing that opened her eyes to the potential of digital products!

If you are anything like she was in the beginning, you just wish there was a step by step plan you could follow to get your first course created and selling, right?

You see other people being successful, so it can’t be THAT HARD…

You’ve got the information that people are BEGGING for, you just need to make it available in a way that people can pay you for it and consume it easily.

10 Things You Will Know By The End Of This Training

  1. How to decide exactly what you should be teaching in your first course.
  2. Why Jess recommends starting with ebooks vs. creating “signature courses”.
  3. How to know exactly what to include in your course.
  4. How to plan and outline your content before you get started creating.
  5. Easy ways to quickly write the content for your course.
  6. Coming up with a name and pricing for you guide.
  7. Creating a sales page and getting testimonials for your course.
  8. How to “host” your course and take payments from your customers.
  9. How to promote your course via your own audience, as well as getting in front of new audiences.
  10. How to set up an awesome affiliate program.

Who This Guide Is For:

Jess has created this training for all of you bloggers who have been creating awesome content and building up a following.  You’ve got people who already love (or at least respect) you online.  You are ready to put in the effort to get your first training out the door so you can start generating passive income!

For more information, head to Blogger Jess.