The Digital Picnic – ePicnic Online Social Media Course

The Digital Picnic’s ePicnic course a self-paced online learning course with support with a private, student only Facebook group.

This eCourse is a combination of their three popular workshops, Social Media Starter [beginner social media], Get Social Savvy [intermediate social media] and Content & Email Marketing.

The girls at The Digital Picnic have been fortunate to be able to deliver their workshops in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and Adelaide and  Melbourne, but they receive emails every week from lovely folk who are unable to attend the workshops due to location or other commitments.

So, they created an online version of their workshops!



What’s covered in the course:

Social Media Starter

  • Introduction to the social channels most popular in Australia for business – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Video and LinkedIn
  • Developing your social media approach – How to select the right social channel for your business & target audience
  • Social Channel set-up & Optimisation – How to set up your social channels effectively
  • Getting Started – How to find, listen and monitor conversations about your industry, brand and/or area of expertise.
  • Reputation management – how to deal with negative comments, trolling and the value of social listening

Get Social Savvy

  • Social Media Channel Optimisation – Developing and refining your social media approach. Tips and tricks to promote engagement. Our focus will be on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat/IG Stories, Twitter & Pinterest.
  • Managing your social platforms – Content scheduling and managing your social media platforms to maximise your efficiency.
  • Improving your visual aesthetic – featuring the tips + tricks we’ve picked up along the way that don’t require you to be a professional photographer, but will elevate help your visuals online
  • SEO for Social Media – how your social content affects your SEO success
  • Analytics & Measurement – How to measure your social activity, draw insights and use these to update your strategy.

Content & Email Marketing

  • Content Creation –  Content strategy development and promoting your content via your social platforms. Different methods of displaying and sharing your content. How to discover and generate new ideas for content creation.
  • Content Planning – Picking a niche, different ways to display content, developing a content calendar. Planning and setting up your content calendar. Promoting and socialising your Content [sharing, subscribing]
  • Blogging and defining your voice – Personal vs Business blogging. The importance of consistency and authenticity. How to build your audience.
  • Influencer Outreach – engaging with and using bloggers and influencers for online promotion.
  • SEO for blogging basics – top tips for maxmising your blog’s SEO effectiveness
  • Email Marketing – The power of newsletters, building and engaging your audience via email marketing. Opt-in and other subscription tools
  • Design & Deployment – Developing your design, testing and refining your email content. Analytics – measuring your campaign performance.

For more information head over to The Digital Picnic.