Creative Hive – Handmade Marketing That Works

Do you have a handmade business but wanting to learn how to market it better?

You love creating your art and you know it’s something special.

But why aren’t you making any sales?

You feel like you’ve been backed into a corner.

You feel frustrated and demotivated.

You’re overwhelmed because you have no direction on what to do to start making money in your business.

You feel like you’ve tried everything but you’re not seeing the results.

But you have a dream…

To one day build your business up to where it can support you and maybe even your family. One day your business will make you an extra $1,000 a month or more. One day you might even be able to quit your day job.

Hundreds of other small, creative business owners like you have gone through this path and made it happen for themselves. They’re artists, designers, makers and crafters, just like you. They make full time incomes with their own businesses that they once started on Etsy or at craft fairs.

You can have this life too.

You can carve your own path and start living your life for you, not for some faceless corporation.

You can start making a difference and build that business of your dreams.

Know that this is all possible for you.

And this course can help you reach your business goals.


What You’ll Get In Handmade Marketing That Works:

There are 25 training videos and over 3 hours of intense how-to’s, step-by-steps and strategies. We go in-depth in the following areas of marketing your shop and making sales:

Selling at craft shows:

How to make the most of every craft show, how to find the good ones, what to bring, how to create your booth + display and more.

Social media:

Make Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter work for you instead of the other way around. Find out when and what to post and learn how to drive traffic and sales with social media!

Getting publicity & PR:

How to pitch like a pro to popular blogs, influencers, magazines and more. Get seen by thousands of potential new customers.


Email marketing:

Leverage email marketing to promote your shop. Grow your email list quickly and use the power of autoresponders to generate sales while you sleep!

Selling wholesale:

Get the step-by-step formulas for how to launch your wholesale line, how to find stores and double your revenue.


Promotions & giveaways:

How to set up effective promotions and giveaways the right way and encourage word of mouth to spread like wildfire.

To learn more, head to Handmade Marketing That Works.