Click Love Grow – Business & Blogging Photography Course

Over our six week course, you’ll unlock pro techniques to elevate your blogging photography skills. With a new module released every week, you’ll be tasked with hands-on challenges to put into practice your new skills AND to create content and imagery ready to share online, straight away!

The course features:

6 weekly lessons, broken down into the topics and skill-areas that will make the most difference to your images, fast!

Hands-on photo challenges to ensure the concepts take root and allow you to start creating fresh imagery and content for your website straight away.

Membership in our student community & access to instructors – to ask questions, get feedback on your images, and be part of valuable discussion on all things photography!

Screen recordings of post-processing techniques. You’ll be able to watch the exact way to enhance professional photos for the finished effect so they’re ready to share online!


 Just imagine…

Having your own collection of personally branded images to use online

Proudly showing off your products with professional quality photos

Feeling confident to capture photography for your own clients; adding additional value (& revenue!) to your business!


The Course Breakdown:


#1 – Composition, Colour & Light

Ever wondered why some photos just ‘work’, and others don’t? We’re going to dive straight into how to frame a shot for maximum impact. You’ll learn how to shoot with creativity and purpose, so that your images tell a story and truly capture the moment.


#2 – Aperture & Focus

Puzzled by the aperture settings on your camera? Unsure about depth of field? This is where we’ll master the basics of focal length, shooting for effect, and making your images ‘pop’. You’ll also learn how to control what part of your image people are immediately drawn to (which gives you incredible creative advantage as a photographer).


#3 – Shutter Speed

Say goodbye to blurry, unclear images. When you know how to regulate your shutter speed, you’ll be able to take crisp, clean shots every time. You’ll also learn how to create amazing special effects through short and long exposure.  This is the final piece in understanding how to control your settings in manual mode.


#4 – Product & Portrait Photography

You’ll discover exactly how to set-up and light your product and portrait photography.  From all white light boxes, to natural head shots inside and out, and capturing selfies that are high quality and flattering!


#5 – Editing, Workflow & Creating Graphics

Learn how to edit your images, and prepare them for sharing online.  Plus you’ll discover how to use your images to create unique and custom graphics and templates for your social media and website.


#6 – Storytelling & Content Marketing with Photos

Use your photography to create interesting and engaging content for your blog and social media, that will allow you to build relationships with your audience and lift your online profile.




Oh how we love a bonus & these fabulous extra modules are designed to compliment your photography lessons so far and give you that extra boost so you know exactly what the experts in the industry are doing it… so you can do it too!

Total Bonus Value = $600 +


Bonus #1 – Instagram Training (Value $97)

The girls from Dotti Media know their stuff when it comes to managing social media, and they’re revealing exactly what strategies you should be using to grow an engaged Instagram following.   This is not your average ’10 tips for Instagram’.  You’ll receive a mapped out strategy that Dotti Media use in managing their own clients!


Bonus #2 – Professional Styling Chat (Value $97)

Professional stylist Cassandra Huett, shares her insider secrets that she’s used for styling food, fashion and homewares for big name Australian clients such as Coles, Myer, Bonds and Priceline.

Bonus #3 – Pro Video with your DSLR (Value $167)


PLUS – Our Lightroom Editing Course

(Valued at $160)


In Just a Few Weeks You’ll Be Taking Photos You LOVE


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