Blog Clarity – Content Brew

Kick overwhelm to the curb and create a solid content strategy and months of planned content.

When it comes to planning out content for your blog and all of social media, one word pops up: overwhelm.

If the thought of coming up with blog content, maintaining an editorial calendar, finding or creating content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on makes you want to curl into the a ball on the floor, you’re not alone!


And Melissa has the solution for you. She teaches you to confidently and quickly create content for your platforms.

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What exactly will you learn in Content Brew?


Module 1: Creating a Content Strategy that Works

You can’t create good content without a good foundation. Learn how to clearly define your blog’s purpose and build a target persona that details out exactly the audience you’re trying to reach. Build your “content core” so you won’t have to second guess if the content you create will click with your audience.

Module 2: Pinpointing Your Content Focus and Capacity

No, you can’t write about every single topic and use ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA. But how do you narrow down your focus and stay true to your passions? This module shows you exactly how. Learn to narrow down your content focus and use an eye-opening method to determine your content capacity.

Module 3: Content Planning with an Editorial Calendar

Not all editorial calendars are created equal. Learn EXACTLY how to build a robust, yet not-too-overwhelming calendar using one of three content calendar templates: a spreadsheet, Trello, or CoSchedule. Throughout the course you’ll get videos and tips to maximize the efficiency of each calendar.

Module 4: Generating Your Holy Grail of Big Ideas

Unleash a flood of creative ideas using mind mapping (with a twist). Find out what to look for in Google Analytics and elsewhere in order to brainstorm your best content ideas for your blog and social media platforms.

Module 5: Planning Out Your Content Ideas

This isn’t just about plopping ideas down into your editorial calendar. See how simple it is to not only come up with blog post and social media content ideas, but get more ideas from content already sitting in your lap. You’ll also learn a snazzy, yet simple way to run an idea bank for endless idea safe-keeping.

Module 6: Finding and Sharing Great Content from Others

No you can’t just share your own content on some social channels, you actually don’t need to share as much as you think. Learn to QUICKLY find content to share and how to automate the process so you have more time to make content and grow your audience.

Module 7: Building Your Content Workflows

Bloggers and biz owners rarely take the time to create workflows that speed up their content creation time. In this module, you will! Learn to tackle the type of social media automation all bloggers should use— even from places you didn’t think possible.

Module 8: Creating Content and Analyzing It

Learn how to create engaging social content and click-worthy promotional content. Plus, content is only good if it works. Melissa shows you how to match your goals up with your analytics to determine what’s working for your audience.

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