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This course is designed to help bloggers take the necessary next steps to begin to grow their blog into a part-time or full-time career. While our first blogging course, Blog Life, focused mostly on content and building out a great blog from an editorial stand point Blog Life Pro is aimed at those who are ready to get a little more serious about the business side. This course covers a wide range of topics and the goal is to help bloggers to learn a little bit about each with strategies and action items throughout the lessons. Blog Life Pro is ideal for bloggers who already feel confident in their writing and content creation and have been blogging for at least a little while already, but they want to learn more about optimizing their efforts to turn their blog into more of a career path.

This course is written by Emma Chapman, one of the owners of A Beautiful Mess, with contributions from Claire Shaffer, the current ABM Business Development Manager. See below for a full list of the lessons you can expect from this course.

This course is go at your own pace. This means after purchase you will have immediate access to the entire course through your account. You can go through the course as quickly or slow as you like. You will also be able to ask the teachers questions in the private course Q&A board as well as read other students questions and the answers. This course is available world-wide although the material is only offered in English.


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Here are all the lessons in this course:

1. C.E.A.D.R- Consistency, Experimentation, Authenticity, Data-Driven, Reader-Focused
2. Optimize Your Blog- Usability & Experience
3. Optimize Your Blog- Traffic & SEO
4. Optimize Your Blog- Mindset Change & Expanding
5. More Than a Blog- Newsletters
6. More Than a Blog- Social Media
7. Developing Multiple Revenue Streams- Why + Options
8. Developing Multiple Revenue Streams- Sponsorships
9. Developing Multiple Revenue Streams- Digital Products
10. Developing Multiple Revenue Streams- Physical Products
11. Developing Multiple Revenue Streams- Affiliates, Collaborations, and Books
12. Growing- Business Basics
13. Growing- Your Team

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