A Beautiful Mess – Blog Design Love 2.0

Blog Design Love 2.0 is the second edition of the popular Blog Design Love e-course. In this course you’ll learn how to design your own blog.

The ecourse is packed with all new design lessons from Promise Tangeman and re-worked coding lessons from Elise Blaha Cripe.

You’ll learn design, font, and color basics for crafting a strong visual brand online. You’ll be able to map your site’s navigation, know how to make your archives work for you, and how to optimize your posts for Pinterest. This class will help you to customize your online space in a way that fits your style, engages your readers, and looks amazing!

This course teaches design principles as well as the basic coding you will need to implement your designs on Typepad, Blogger, and WordPress.com.

It is recommended that students be familiar with Photoshop in order to be able to enjoy this course to its fullest.


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In Blog Design 2.0 you’ll learn how to:

Create a mood board
Plan with content in mind
Develop a sitemap
Sketch out your ideas
Choose your fonts
Take a great Bio photo
Design a dynamic blog banner
Understand Internet basics
Customize your blog column widths, background, and color design*
Upload your banner
Add text and text links to your sidebar
Upload sidebar images and buttons
Add Instagram to your sidebar
Code your navigation bar*
Customize your blog fonts*
Add an image link to your footer*
Get a customized domain name
Create your own Favicon
Add your handwriting or doodles to your design
Showcase your archives
How to create an animated GIF
Sell stuff on your site and create an ad or affiliate program
Optimize your blog for Pinterest
*The course works within themes in wordpress.com, and not all lessons will share complete customization due to theme limitations.

As well as

Branding basics
Coding basics and image storage
Branding tips for social media

If you’re ready to learn how to design your own blog, then head to A Beautiful Mess.