A Beautiful Mess – DSLR Basics

In DSLR Basics you will learn the ins and outs of setting your camera like a pro photographer as well as how to document your life creatively and beautifully! This course is taught by Elsie Larson, Emma Chapman and Janae Hardy.

You will learn all about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering, histograms and so much more! The course also contains twelve sessions to push you creatively, to find your own photography style and capture life all around you. This course is meant to take away any fear you may have about how to set a DSLR camera so you can focus on taking beautiful photos.

It is recommended that students have a DSLR camera or that they are planning to purchase a camera soon. One of the first sessions will walk students through some basic gear and lenses so they can understand what to buy if they don’t already own everything they want or need.

This course is not as applicable to point and shoot, smart phones or toy cameras. Even though great photos can be taken with all sorts of devices, but this course focuses on DSLR photography.



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What you’ll learn in DSLR Basics:

Common photography terms with explanations
Basic gear and explanations of common lenses
When to use auto mode
Achieving great focus
Rules of composition (and when to break them!)
Understanding shutter speed
Understanding aperture and F-stops
Understanding ISO
Metering light and using histograms
How to white balance
How to use reflectors like a pro
Five techniques to add mystery and drama to your photos
How to photograph with backlighting and lens flare
How to develop your personal photography style
How to photograph interiors & room tours
How to photograph new borns and babies
The basics of portrait photography
Tips for great food photography & styling
Five ways to get creative with self portraits
How to photograph landscapes and nature
How to take great photos while you travel
How to photograph children
How to photograph still life or product photography
BONUS: How to set your camera cheat sheet

For more info and to sign up for DSLR Basics, head to A Beautiful Mess.