Hello, creative business owner. We see you. Flicking through your Instagram staring at your holiday uploads. Reliving through those images and potentially planning your next holiday. As a lover of travel, I know this all too well!

Post vacation blues however is a real thing. And the thing is, the longer you hold onto your holiday mode, the more your biz is going to potentially suffer.

And PS. Your clients can totally tell when you don’t want to be in a meeting.

So what can you do to help with your post-vacay blues?? Well. First things first. You’re reading this blog. Which means you’ve identified you’ve hit a speed bump.

Let’s run through some more steps to recovery.

1. Baby steps, soldier.

Okay. We’ll admit it. There’s nothing worse than stepping off the flight and walking straight into the office the next day.

Our advice? Take yourself to a cafe to work instead.

First of all, you’re going to need coffee, or a great cup of tea to perk you up and haul you over that jetlag.

Secondly, working in a cafe will actually ease the pain of getting back into the swing of work life.

People watching for 3 minutes is better than jumping onto Skyscanner and deluding yourself that you can need to book your next trip right. at. this. moment.

2. Get on top of your schedule.

It’s easy to come home from and become overwhelmed and bitter by your usual amount of work (or more).

However. Your business is your baby, and is probably WHY you could afford to take that holiday. Soooo give it some love back and take time to sit down and work through your schedule and prioritise!

Routine is not the enemy at a time like this. Routine is your lifeline.

Ps. Your schedule doesn’t have to be brimming with only *work* things. Pop in a catch up with a friend to chat about your worldly experiences (it’s called compromise duh)!

How to overcome the post vacation blues and get your biz mojo back. Here are our top tips!

3. Out of sight, out of mind? Nope!

Bouncing back from your post vacation blues doesn’t mean you stop the walk down memory lane cold turkey. In fact, you should be reminiscing! However. We want to limit the amount of time you’re spending doing this.

So instead of scrolling through the memories online and consequently staying online … why not print some of your fave snaps out and pop them on your office wall?

Hello fresh office vibes and goodbye Instagram procrastination!

4. Sneak in your fave holiday foods …

Fact: When we returned to work from a holiday in Italy last year, our work lunches consisted of antipasto salads for at least 2 weeks.

And you know what? It was yummy … AND we got over our holiday-blues about as quickly as it took us to get over that antipasto salad.

For the sake of your health – choose the healthier option out of your vacay foods (ie. we would’ve chosen gelato, but that’s not the best brain food to be eating every day)!

And there you have it.

We all LOVE an epic holiday … and coming home can seem like a slap in the face. But to make your next holiday a reality you’ve gotta #hustlehard and bounce back!