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My honest Flodesk review | Why I moved all of my blogs over to Flodesk

Email marketing is the main focus of my businesses.

Everything that I do is aimed to grow my email list so that I can give them value to my audience in a more personal way.

 It’s the heart of my business really.

And if you don’t learn anything else from me, then know that it should be yours too.

I’m sure you’ve heard that before but it’s so important. It’s a platform where you own the contacts. You control the moves. And it can make such a huge impact on your revenue.

You have some amazing value to share and email marketing is the ideal way to be able to do that.

I’ve also prided myself in learning as much as I can about email marketing and investing in quality email marketing platforms.

Like most entrepreneurs, I started out in the free version of Mailchimp. It’s what I knew and in the beginning, I was so apprehensive about investing in my business (don’t worry, I’ve worked through that block now and know it’s imperative to invest wisely in my businesses.).To be honest, I really liked Mailchimp. It was back in the day where you could have multiple lists in the free version and it all seemed like sunshine and lollipops.

Until I outgrew it. And then it wasn’t.

It was time to invest in the paid option. I had heard rumours of other email providers doing such a better job than Mailchimp and finally, after trying Convert Kit, I settled on ActiveCampaign.

It was love.

It did what I needed it to do and I was able to really up my email marketing game. I was able to create tricky email funnels and all kinds of things.

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It was supposed to be my ‘forever home’.

That was until a friend told me about Flodesk.

My honest review of Flodesk, why I moved my blogs over to it and a 50% discount for you

I had heard others (namely Jenna Kutcher) raving about it but didn’t pay that much attention. I just thought they had a really good affiliate program (just so you know, it’s nowhere as generous as ConvertKit’s) and I was happy where I was.

It wasn’t until another boss friend (and fellow ActiveCampaign lover) raved about it.

I immediately signed up for their free trial to see what she was raving about!

To say that I was impressed was an understatement.

It looked beautiful. Simple. Classic. Easy to use. And above all else functional.

With most other email marketing platforms stuck in the 00’s, Flodesk seemed like a unicorn. Something so beautiful and seamless that I never thought it would ever exist.

It’s filled a hole in the market that I really didn’t even know was there.

Why I love Flodesk

It’s only $38/month with UNLIMITED subscribers but you can get a 50% discount – $19/month if you use this link. (that 50% discount lasts as long as you maintain your membership)

Unlike most other email marketing platforms, you don’t ever pay more because you have more email subscribers. This is pretty much unheard of. On ActiveCampaign I was about to push over the $100/month mark and I don’t have a big email list.

The option forms are beautiful. On ActiveCampaign I just sucked up the very average looking opt-in forms because it was so functional on the backend. This is a problem of the past! Not only does Flowdesk create beautiful opt-ins that you can add anywhere on your site but you can even create landing pages. Winning!

As a result, my opt-in rates have improved. One list, in particular, was a real struggle to grow in ActiveCampaign but since moving over to Flodesk, I’ve seen it grow from maybe 1 subscriber every day or two to on average 5 a day. Mind-blowing really! I’ve kept the locations of the forms in the same place but have tweaked wording slightly.

Not only have my opt-in rates improved but so have my open and most importantly my click rates. The first email campaign that I sent out my click rates were 3 times higher and the open rate was 50% higher!

The interface is seriously easy to use. It’s so intuitive. I had only been on the platform for a short period and felt like I knew it so well. You know where everything is housed and it’s all accessed from one very simple page.

It comes with beautiful built-in templates that you can use and brand it as you need. They are seriously beautiful and on point.

Another great feature is that it comes with some seriously great fonts already installed! In fact, my main font is there to use! It makes it super easy to keep my emails aligned with my branding.

Despite being on the cheap end of email marketing platforms, it has all the functions that I was using on ActiveCampaign. I am able to create seamless marketing funnels quickly. The biggest hurdle I had with moving marketing platforms was that I didn’t want to move all the funnels over. It seriously only took me a few hours. Time well spent, I think!

Like with everything, there are going to be things that I’m not completely happy with. Initially, I didn’t think there would be anything on Flodesk that I wasn’t happy with but it turns out there is something.

It doesn’t integrate with much. At the time of writing the only external platform that I could see that it integrates with is Shopify. It is however in its BETA phase and I anticipate that this will change as they grow and develop. For The Inspired Boss, I don’t need a lot of integration but a couple of my other blogs do. I still do plan on moving them over too though. I do believe that you can use Zapier though to make connections with other platforms.

The Backend of Flodesk

I know when I’m investigating in new things, I want to know what it looks like on the insides, so let’s have a look around. You’ll see how simple it is to use and probably fall in love like I have!

Here’s a view of the main page. The menu that you see at the top, that’s how simple it is. It’s so easy to find everything you need, it makes creating an email, a new segment or a workflow so easy!

My honest Flodesk revire - homepage

The other page that’s really worth showing off is the email campaign templates. This is an example of them. They’re beautiful, well designed and easy to edit to make them aligned with your own branding. Of course, you can create your own templates from scratch if you want!

My honest fFlodesk review - email templates

From my Flodesk review, you can tell that I’m a huge fan. I don’t normally talk about programs with this much love but it’s seriously amazing.

If you’re new and are looking to get started with growing your list, then I highly recommend that you invest in Flodesk over Mailchimp.

Don’t forget that you get 50% off, $19/month. Make sure you use this link though!

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