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50 money affirmations that work fast!

Have you ever used the power of affirmations on your life? They can really make such a difference in your life, especially money affirmations!

You can create affirmations around anything but today we’re looking specifically at money affirmations that work fast!

Here’s my list, feel free to copy the ones that resonate with you and pop them somewhere you’re going to see every day!

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50 Money Affirmations That Work Fast

1. I am a money magnet

2. Money flows to me easily and abundantly

3. Money is power

4. I can change the world for the better with money

5. I am grateful for the money that I already have

6. Money is the freedom to live the life I want (feel free to be more specific about your dream life)

7. Money multiples when invested well

8. I welcome money into my life

9. Money has the ability to change my life and the life of others

10. Good people do good things with money

11. I have a great relationship with money

12. I am healing my relationship with money

13. I manifest money into my life every day

14. I have the power and ability to manifest as much money as I desire

15. I create multiple income streams in my life

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16. I love money

17. I am worthy of an abundant life

18. I am worthy of attracting money into my life

19. I am worthy of money

20. There is always more than enough money in my life

21. I am grateful to be able to pay my taxes and bills

22. The more tax I pay, the more money I’ve earnt

23. I am able to give to others when I have more money

24. I am able to show my kids what’s possible when I have money

25. I can teach others and improve their lives when I have money

26. I am financially free

27. I am free to live the life of my wildest dreams

28. I choose to live a life of abundance and riches

29. I am financially rich

30. I live my life unapologetically

31. I have the power to build true wealth

32. I am working towards building wealth to create freedom for me and my family

33. Every dollar I spend comes back to me in multiples

34. Money constantly flows into my bank account

35. Money constantly flows into my life

36. I sell products that improve the lives of others

37. I share my knowledge and products with others to help them build a better life

38. I have all the tools to reach my goals

39. People buy my products every day

40. I have a great gift to share with the world and in return, people pay me for it

41. The more people I help, the more money I make

42. Making money is so stupidly simple

43. It is safe for me to earn the money I desire

44. It is safe for me to be rich and successful

45.  New opportunities to make money are everywhere and present themselves to me daily

46. I am connected to the universal supply of money

47. I am constantly attracting money into my life

48. I have unlimited earning potential in my business

49. The sky’s the limit for the amount of money I can manifest into my life

50. I invite more money into my life every day

Please know that affirmations have so much power and these money affirmations have the power to bring more money into your life. Be unapologetic in your pursuit to earn more money and live a life of abundance and freedom.

50 money affirmations that work fast!

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