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How to scale a service-based business

Are you feeling stuck in your service based business and wondering how you can scale it?


Here’s what I’ve been working on in my social media management business.


You may know that my main online business is a social media management business that specialises in businesses in the health and wellness space, therefore being a serviced based business.

It was the first real taste of online success. I filled up my calendar pretty quickly and was earning some money. I thought it was pretty amazing!

Fast forward 18 months and I was totally burnt out and not enjoying the work anymore. I felt so trapped! All of my energy was going into client work and I didn’t have the space to grow the business.

I was moments away from shutting the business down. But then, almost out of nowhere, this drive to keep it going came. I knew I could help so many business owners. I know how hard it can be when you’re doing everything and if I knew I could make their lives easier, it was worth continuing!

From that moment forward, I knew I had to figure out ways to generate income that didn’t mean me exchanging hours for money. I know that seems obvious but I was stuck in what I was doing that I couldn’t get my thoughts together to start this!

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This post isn’t to say ‘look at me, I made a million dollars from a launch’, in fact, it’s very far from it! It’s more of a brainstorm and strategy session with a bit of a behind the scenes picture.

From the list of potential offers I came up with, I have really only implemented one and am working on another two. I just wanted to tell you about it, in case you’re in the same position! I do wish that I’d started this process from the beginning, in that small window before I was too busy!

Up until mid-2018, I was solely offering social media management as a service.

That was all.

Offering one offer, isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it meant that I got really good at that one thing. On the other hand, it meant that I couldn’t scale it.

The first main change that I made was to offer an additional service, website development and design. I had experience in this space, over the years I seemed to create various websites for me and friends but I wasn’t exactly an expert.

This is when the first of my major mindset shifts happened. I could scale by outsourcing.

> Recommended course to help you scale your service-based business is Productize by Brian Casel.


Outsourcing Baby

I realised I didn’t need to be the one doing all the work.

Say whaaaaaaat!

I reached out to a few developers and designers and asked how much they’d charge for what I needed. It was more affordable than I thought, maybe I was onto something! I set about creating an offer.

How could I make it unique?

How could I really help my clients the best way I could?

How could I use my social media expertise in this offering?

The answer…. I created a package that included a website, branding, social media set up and optimisation, email marketing set up and individualised social media strategy and content calendar. In that package I outsourced the website development and branding, I then continued to do the social media side of things.

This is now scalable.

To be honest, this was my first huge win in terms of generating an income that didn’t take all of my time to create and I have to say, it’s a little addictive! Of course, on top of that, I can outsource social media management as well. I’m in the process of streamlining my systems and procedures, as well as building my team. This takes time and dedication to get up and running but in the long run, it creates a scalable service based business.



An ecourse

For the last half of 2018, I focused on the website side of the business and just kept a couple of social media management clients ticking over.

Now, for 2019 my mind started ticking, BIG TIME!

Currently, I’m deep into course creation mode. I thought is time would come, given my love of courses and all!

When working with social media clients, the process is much the same. Of course, the content changes but the bones are fairly consistent. That makes for a possible course idea. On top of that, I know that business owners in the health and wellness (and probably in most niches really!) space really struggle with connecting the dots with online businesses.

They know they should be on social media, even if they’re there only because that’s what everyone else does.

They know they need a website.

They’re a bit puzzled though how to get the two working together.

When I work with social media clients, I usually end up creating an overall strategy.

What are they doing for list building?

Do they even have an email list?

Have they thought about blogging to grow their list?

Are they using Pinterest?

Are they using SEO to the best of their ability?

With most of these questions, they look at me blankly and go silent.

What if I could create a course that answered these questions and gave them the confidence to handle their own social media channels? And that’s how the course was born! Hopefully, that will be launched by the end of April (I’ll keep you posted).

I hope that thought process helps you come up with ideas for a course that you can create within your business. Remember that courses can be created in any niche. Think about what your audience or clients are always asking you. That’s how I came up with the idea I just outlined.

If you’re serious about ecourse creation, then I strongly recommend this course by Liz Benny. It’s saved me so much time by giving me the exact steps that she takes when launching her, often 7 figure, courses.

>> Recommended course: Create a Kapow course by Liz Benny


Pre-made graphics

The other two ideas that I have are social media graphics, each pack would be specific to a niche within the health industry and pre-made logos, these could be created by the graphic designer and then each logo would only be able to be purchased once making it an affordable option for business owners. These will be created and then loaded up into the shop on the website.

You could also explore marketplaces like Creative Market or Etsy to sell through as well.

On top of that, there are so many other products and services that you can add to your service based business. In this post, I talk through a few of them but it’s up to you how creative you get with them!

My intention for this post was to get you thinking about how you can scale your service based business and get you out of that stuck feeling and get you back to loving your business and life!

If you have something that’s working well for your business, pop it in the comments!

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