How to not care what others think and build the business of your dreams! and start the business of your dreams!
How not to care about what others think and build the business of your dreams

How to not care what others think and build the business of your dreams!

Fear, it can be crippling at times. I’m sure you’ve been there, I know that I have.


I’ll show you how to not care what others think and start building the business of your dreams!


When it’s there, it can be so hard to find out where it’s coming from or what to do about it!

Back when I was dreaming about starting and building a successful business it pretty much seemed impossible.

How could I, little old me, start a business?

I remember back to this one day. I was lost in daydream land (I frequent that place a lot!) running through everything in my head.

What it would my business look like?

What I could create?

How could I make a decent income from being solely online?

What business model would I use?

And then came the clincher…..

What would other people think?

My husband? My best friend? Random strangers on the internet?

Boom, I felt like I had been hit by a bus. Was this why I wasn’t taking ANY action? Was this the root of the severe procrastination I had been feeling?

I had a hunch that I now know was correct.

The fear of worrying about what people thought about me was the reason that I hadn’t started.

Overcoming the fear

Now that I knew what was happening? What was I going to do about it?

I felt the fear and really didn’t know how to get past it. It was something that felt so new to me. Up until that point, I thought I was confident and did whatever I wanted. Suddenly, I felt so small.

The one thing that I knew was that I’m sure others had been feeling similar feelings and they were still making it work for them.

I set out on asking everyone I knew that was doing what I wanted how they worked on overcoming their fear and had the courage to put themselves out there.

It seemed that everyone was saying that I needed to work on my mindset.

I had heard that before and was really unsure of what they meant exactly.

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What is mindset?

By definition mindset is: “an established set of attitudes held by someone”

For me in this situation meant that I believed that people would ridicule me, mock me if I started my own business.

Mindsets can be both fixed or a growth mindset. A fixed mindset means that the person takes these established set of attitudes as permanent and never changing. This might look like ‘I can never start a business because of XYZ’.

A growth mindset means that you understand that you have the ability to change and adapt to new circumstances. You know that you have the power to change your current ‘established set of attitudes’. You know that you can learn more, play more and figure things out.

Obviously, when we’re looking at entrepreneurship, having a growth mindset is so important for your development and ultimately the growth of you and your business.


How to not care about what people think and start the business of your dreams today!


How do you improve your mindset?

I don’t think this is going to be a surprise for you but to improve your mindset takes work and time. It’s something that needs to be consistently worked on and given your commitment. It’s not going to be a quick fix but with when you do the work, you’ll be surprised how far you’ll come!

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Watch your thoughts, words and actions

Start by observing your thoughts and the words you’re using. When you start this, don’t judge yourself. It’s merely an exercise to start to see the language that you use. Grab a journal and start writing things down, you’ll start to see patterns coming through.

Are you speaking poorly of yourself? Are you using words and phrases like ‘you’re stupid’, ‘who are you to think that you can create something?’ or ‘you’re not worthy of XYZ’

You might be surprised at how often you say things like that to yourself. They can be in relation to money, relationships, your work or anything else in your life.


Observe patterns

See what keeps coming up for you. Are there any patterns that you keep seeing?

Now, it’s time to start to see why they’re coming up. Can you think of anything that happened in the past where it was true? Did someone else say those things to you? You might need to think back to your earlier years.

Once you have a few patterns figured out, it’s time to change them!


Making changes to your mindset

When you know what you’re thinking, you are able to change it! It’s a matter of re-training yourself to think in a positive way with a growth mindset.

In the beginning, it’s going to be hard so please be gentle with yourself.

When you hear yourself something that you want to change, replace with the opposite comment. For example:

Change ‘I’m stupid’ with ‘I am a smart, strong and confident woman’.


‘I don’t have enough money’ with ‘Money flows easily and abundantly’

Get the idea? You might even want to write the positive statements down so you have them handy in case you forget!


How to overcome the fear of what others think?

Like I said earlier, this was the fear that was really holding me back. It literally paralysed me and I couldn’t move forward.

How did I overcome it?

The main shift for me was knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that what I had to offer the world was so much more valuable than the fear of worrying what others thought of me.

I had something that could really change the lives of other women.

I have the knowledge that I gained when first starting my sewing blog (a hobby) and then my social media management business.

How could I live with myself by not sharing it? It’s something that I really needed when I was getting started. I had to break through the fear and get it out there!

As a result, my business has grown so much. I now share what I do with others in my real life and they are often so happy.

Of course, there are probably people out there that don’t care but I couldn’t care less these days!

This is the ultimate freedom!


“Stopping worry about the people who don’t get it and start worrying about the people who do”

I love this quote by the amazing Chris Harder (make sure you check out his podcast, For The Love of Money)


There you have it, how not to care what people think of you and build the business of your dreams!

I’d love to hear what fear you have or had about starting and running your own business. I’m sure we all have something!

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