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Learn how to make money with network marketing without selling your soul or pestering your family and friends

How to make money with network marketing

Have you wondered how to money with network marketing without selling your soul?


And without pestering your family and friends?


We’re going to show you how you can make money with network marketing and debunk some common misconceptions around it.

Over the years I’ve been very open to new ideas and concepts but for some reason, I just couldn’t get past the stigma associated with network marketing. I thought it was spammy and always brushed it aside into the box of ‘I’ll never do that’. Looking back, there were so many money blocks and many beliefs that had developed as a result of comments from my earlier years.

It wasn’t until I started to understand more when some very close friends started their own businesses within a network marketing business. I really saw that it was just another business model.

A business model that incentivises their reps to grow their businesses and sell their products. It’s not unlike any other business model, except that the company is sharing the profits and your earning potential is essentially unlimited, unlike having a regular job.

Once you get past any blocks that you have, you’ll see that there’s so much potential. I also want to introduce you to the idea that you don’t have hound your family and friends with your products and business. We’re lucky to live today and have access to this little thing called the internet.


Working online to make money with network marketing

Working online, we have the ability to make connections anywhere in the world. We don’t have to limit ourselves to our local network, in fact, I strongly encourage to beyond that. When you can broaden your network, you build your team and business much bigger than you could locally (I have however seen some amazing network marketers build 7 figure businesses with their local network).


How to get started online

1. Build your audience

Where do you start? What do you concentrate on first?

After working with many businesses in the network marketing space through my social media management business, I’ve been able to see what works.

I’d strongly suggest you first start with building an audience. When you’re building this audience, you want to focus on giving them value. I see so many network marketers start by spammy their Instagram account with products and about how they’re earning money from home.

The intention is there but that ain’t going to build a solid and profitable business. Sorry to burst that bubble.

I want to give you an example:

If you’re starting your network marketing business with doTerra you know that your ideal customer is probably into health and wellness. In this case, you want to start building a platform where you’re giving them value in that area of health and wellness. This could cover so many topics and you can also include the oils.

When you’re sharing to them, you need to be thinking about how you can serve them first and foremost. You want to build trust with them and then when you ask for the sale, you’re more likely to get a positive response.

And just so you know, this really goes for any business, not just network marketing businesses.


How to make money with network marketing without pestering your family and friends


2. Create your website

Now that you’ve started building your audience on a social media platform, it’s time for you to start building your own platform. It’s so important that you have something that you own. You can’t be relying on other platforms, remember they could shut down overnight or you could have you account suspended for whatever reason.

Starting your own website can be daunting but I recommend learning as much as you can and get started.

My recommendations are using WordPress with hosting on Siteground and the Divi theme. Working with clients I’ve found that these are the most user-friendly for beginners.


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3. Start your email list

As they say, the money is in the list! When you hear this, they’re meaning your email list. Again, like your website, you own your email list. You own the contacts and you’re able to get into contact with your audience whenever you need it.

When starting your email list, I encourage you to create a freebie opt-in. This is something that you create to send out to your subscriber for giving you their email. Get creative here and create something that really gives your audience value. You want to be growing the trust with your readers and a great to do this is to blow them away with the value that you give them!

My favourite platform for email marketing is ActiveCampaign. It’s a paid platform but it’s really affordable when starting out. The other option is Mailchimp. I moved from Mailchimp to ActiveCampaign, my only regret is that I should have done it sooner! It’s much more user-friendly and really gives you the ability to easily segment your list so you know you’re sending emails to people that are wanting the information that you’re sharing!

Once you’ve created your freebie opt-in and set up your email marketing, then it’s time to start building out your funnels.


4. Build out your funnels

This, in my opinion, is key to building a profitable network marketing business. In fact, it’s so important in any business. It’s what I spend the most time coaching new team members on. Not only are they important to grow your business but you can also automate them. I’ve noticed that network marketing business owners spend a lot of time going back and forth with potential customers and team builders. With funnels, you’re able to educate and inspire your audience without having to reinvent the wheel each time!

This is key to building your team and making money with network marketing, without hounding your family and friends.


5. Getting potential customers into your funnels

Now that you’ve got your funnels set up, how do you even start by getting people into them?

There are a few options here but the main one that I focus on is creating valuable content that people are searching for. Once they’re on your blog post, you can then include your freebie offer and get them into your funnel. You can then share your blog posts with your Instagram audience that you’ve been building, on your Pinterest account (check out my Pinterest Made Easy ebook here if you’re wanting help) and you could even create ads to your blog posts (this is something I recommend you do once you’ve tweaked your funnel and got them working well).

Every audience is different and this is going to take time and some tweaking but that’s the framework to making money with network marketing without annoying your loved ones.


6. Creating multiple income streams

Just because you’re starting a network marketing business, doesn’t mean that you can’t create other products, like ebooks or courses, to help your audience. Both of these options fall into the passive income category and both can really help you make more money within your business.

If this is something that you think will really make a difference in your business, then I highly recommend that you take the Six Figure Blogger course from Create and Go. They teach you how to chose which digital products to create and then how to sell them. Whilst those modules are great, the main takeaway that I got out of the course was their system for creating funnels! They give you the exact templates they use in their businesses to take a new subscriber to a customer. I’ve used these in my businesses and have had great success!


There you have it, how to make money with network marketing without selling your soul.

Hopefully, this has been helpful and can start working towards a life that you want to live!

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