You’re wanting to create an income online but not sure where to start?


We’re going to spill the beans and show you how to become a virtual assistant!


Firstly, there are so many ways to create an income online and becoming a virtual assistant is just one of them! The that I love about a service based business is that you’re able to generate an income pretty quickly in te scheme of things. Once you’ve decided this is the path for you, you can earn money quickly.


What is a virtual assistant?

I guess we’d best start at the beginning, what exactly is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is admin support for other businesses but works remotely (I guess you could be in the same location as the business as well). They contract you to help with any admin and tech type tasks within their business, hopefully freeing up time for them to work on other tasks.


What does a virtual assistant do?

The list of tasks that VA’s help with is endless really! You might specialise in or enjoying working in a particular area.

Tasks could be a general admin, social media management (if you’re interested in becoming a social media manager, check this post out), website development or maintenance, dairy management, basic graphic design work, email management or marketing, blogging, Pinterest, Facebook Ads, the list goes on!

Another option could be that you niche down to a specific target market. You could work with health bloggers, coaches, product-based businesses, service-based businesses, mummy bloggers, other VA providers. There are so many options but I suggest to stick with what you know and love doing! Having said that, don’t feel that you can’t upskill and learn new things!


What do you need to do to become a virtual assistant?

You really don’t have to do anything specific to be able to call yourself a virtual assistant. You could technically set up your business and start serving others. Having said that, there are a few things you could do to help get set up the right way, get set up quickly and start generating a decent income from the beginning.

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Here are the steps that I suggest you take to get your business up and running:


Step 1: Learn from those that have been

I’m a huge believer that the best way to start anything is to learn from people that have been where you are now. It’s such a great investment when you can pay someone to teach you what you need to know. I’m always amazed that someone packages up their knowledge and sells it for a very reasonable price! It will save you so much time and money to just pay for a course and implement what you learn. That last part is the most important! We’ve all been there, we buy a course and then lose interest or think we can do it better! If you’re just starting out, do what you learn!

The best course I can recommend is the Horkey Handbook: 30 Days to Virtual Assistant Success by Gina Horkey.

This course is perfect if you’re new to the industry and have no idea where to start. Gina gives you the step by step guide to getting your business up and running and getting your first clients.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to set up your foundations
  • Establish your online presence
  • How to pitch to potential clients
  • How to manage your business
  • How to launch your business
  • How to make money as a VA
  • Where to source clients
  • How to interview and get hired
  • How to build relationships with your clients

So much goodness to be learnt! If you’re wanting more information click here.


How to become a virtual assistant in 3 steps. This post will give you the framework to get your business started!


Step 2: Set up a website

Now that you’ve learnt everything you need to set up your business, you are going to need to get a website up and running. Your website is going to be your biggest advocate! Let it send the message that you want your potential clients to hear. I guess before you do that, you’re going to need to be very clear on your target client. You need to know everything about them and really speak to them. Get them to see that you understand them and are there to help make their business run smoothly, giving them back the time they need.

Back to setting up your site. I’d strongly recommend you use WordPress with the Divi theme. This theme is really easy to use and it’s the most popular theme out there. Meaning that potential clients might also be using it, therefore giving you the knowledge you need to be really confident when using it. That’s just a thought!

Anyway, set up your site with hosting (I recommend Siteground, they aren’t the cheapest but I’ve had the best results with them), your WordPress theme and get creating your website.

You’ll want to create some branding for your business. Think about colours, fonts, logos, images and the tone of voice of the business. All of these things go into creating a beautiful and seamless website.


Step 3: Get on your socials

Now that you have something to offer potential clients, you get out there and get social! Being a virtual assistant means that most of your business will come from the online world. Many of your potential clients are hanging out somewhere. It’s your job to figure where that somewhere is and start being present there. Start interacting with accounts and potential clients. Start contributing in a meaningful way and add value to others. Don’t get too wrapped up in the ‘vanity metrics’ and just start forming relationships. It’s amazing where that leads!

I feel like I need to reiterate that it’s so important that you don’t come off as spammy and desperate but you come from a place of serving and love. That might be a bit mushy but it’s so true!


There you have it, three steps showing you how to become a virtual assistant. Hopefully, that breaks it down for you, taking the overwhelm out and allowing you to start taking the steps forward to create a business you love!

If you’re a VA, I’d love to hear from you! What were the most valuable steps when you started your business? Pop them in the comments.