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How The Inspired Boss is supporting women.

When the concept for The Inspired Boss came to me, I knew that I wanted to do it to help other women create businesses and lives that served them better.

I wanted to help them see what is possible.

I wanted to empower them to create their own income streams and be able to support their families in a financial capacity.

I wanted them to know what they’re worth.

That they are able to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

I had a vision of a group of women coming together and supporting each other, in business and life.

To create a circle where we all were loved, accepted and valued for our work.

Once I had cemented that vision, my mind quickly turned to how I can give back and support women in other areas as well.

One thing that I am personally passionate about it pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester. I am a homebirthing mum of two and feel strongly that every women should feel supported, loved and provided with the care that she needs and wants during pregnancy and birth.

One organisation that I came across was Shanti Uganda. They stand up for maternal health by putting women first. A safe, respectful and comfortable birthing experience is a right for every woman.

This is their vision:

We imagine a world where all women have access to a midwife and are respected, empowered and able to thrive throughout the birth process.

This resonates so much with me and I would love to see this level of care across the world, the western world included.

I was so moved by their mission, love and determination that I have decided to donate 10% of all income The Inspired Boss creates. That means that every time you purchase a course that is listed on The Inspired Boss, I will donate 10% of the commission that we receive.

I’m so excited and grateful that with your help, we are able to create a safer, more loving and supported environment for women in Uganda to grow, birth and feed their babies.

Of course, you’re also welcome to make a donation. To do that simply head to Shanti Uganda.

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