Flawless Funnels: A review

Are you wondering how on Earth you’re supposed to make profitable email funnels?

This course, Flawless Funnels, will give you the tools that you need to get your funnels set up and make them profitable!

We all hear ‘them’ saying ‘the money is in the list’. You might be wondering what that actually means and how to go about making money from your email list.

I know it puzzled me for quite a while (it’s actually a little embarrassing how long it has taken me to ’embrace the list’) so like I do with everything, I set about learning as much as I could.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning when you click through and make a purchase I receive a commission. This occurs at no cost to youI am an affiliate for Flawless Funnels. I have used and gotten so much out of the course, here is my review.

I had been following Elise from House of Brazen for a while and have gotten so much out of her affiliate marketing course (it used to be an ebook but she just morphed it into a course. It’s amazing and I strongly recommend you take it if you want to earn money from affiliate marketing and Pinterest) and her free ‘Vault’ membership (I highly recommend it!) so much so that I decided to invest in her Flawless Funnels ecourse.

Update 2020 – Flawless Funnels course is no longer available but similar teachings are included in the Grow Your List on Autopilot.

It’s a bigger investment but I knew how important email marketing was to get right! I have always found funnels somewhat complicated but I have to say that this course took a lot of that overwhelm and confusion out and gave me very clear and actionable steps to get my funnels happening.

Who is ‘Flawless Funnels’ for?

This course will help you increase your profits if email marketing is part of your business, and let’s face it, if you have a business, you should be focusing on your email list.

Flawless Funnels is specifically for those that are relatively new to creating funnels but Elise does also give you ideas that could be used if you’re a more seasoned business owner. Even though I have been using funnels for a while, I was able to go back and make some updates that have really helped up my funnel game.

Also, if you have yet to add a tripwire to your funnel, this course shows you how to create on and set it up the right way.

What are the benefits of Flawless Funnels?

The biggest benefit I got out of the course was to see how to create sales within my funnels, not just having them eventually point to the course I suggest but to be able to create sales, increasing my profit, along the way.

What you actually learn:

Here’s a breakdown of the module and what you will take away from each one.


Module 1: The Irresistible Opt-In Offer

This is email marketing 101 but essentially if you want to get people to sign up for your email list, you need to give them a pretty good reason to do it! Elise takes you through how to set it up, gives you ideas for your opt-in plus other tips on how to create videos and downloadable PDFs.


Module 2: The High Converting Landing Page

In this module, Elise takes you through the key elements of your landing page that get you the results you’re after. She also gives you alternatives to landing pages. One of her suggestions, a welcome mat has boosted my email subscribers significantly! I use ConvertPlug for it.


Module 3: The Tripwire Product

I had no idea what a ‘tripwire product’ was! Once explained (it’s a product that you offer your newly subscribed subscriber at a discounted price for a limited time), I had seen it around a lot but had no idea how to create one, let alone set it all up.

Elise takes you through both of those aspects, how to create it and set it up (the next module). What was a daunting process is now very clear and easily actionable afterwards!


Module 4: The Thank You Page Upsell

Here you’ll learn how to create thank you pages that convert! Included in this module is a template that Elise has created that you can use to set up your page for your business. I love it when course creators give you their templates. It saves so much trial and error, the only thing that you have to do it adapt it for your business!


Module 5: The ‘Upgrade Your Order’ Page

This is when someone purchases your tripwire product and you then offer them a bigger ticketed item. I do think this is very clever and would work well (I’ve yet to implement it). Again, Elise takes out the guesswork and gives you clear and concise steps to get it all set up as well as her templates!


Module 6: The Email Sequence

This is where the magic happens! Learn to create nurturing and converting email sequences. In this module, you’ll learn how to ‘wow’ your subscribers, how to structure your email sequence, how to create a free email course that converts and the most important, how to write pitch emails that aren’t gross but convert well. I know that this can be the hardest part of the whole email marketing thing for women. Rest assured, you’ll learn how to do it well!

Also included are templates and videos on how to set up email sequences in both Mailchimp and ConvertKit.


Module 7: Marketing

Now that you’ve set everything up, you need to get people in your funnel! There’s no point in doing all that work and getting crickets! Elise shows you how she markets her funnels to cold, warm and hot traffic (yes, they are very different depending on the type of traffic) and start getting people in there! With your amazing products on offer, they can’t help but buy them!

To purchase the Flawless Funnels course, head over to House of Brazen.

Learn how to set up and generate an income through your sales funnels. Elise gives you the exact steps you need to take to get it done in no time!


The Pros and Cons:

The Pros:

  • The course gives you actual steps to set up your free opt-in, tripwire product, upsell page and creating nurturing and converting email sequences.
  • Elise shows you how to market your freebie the right way.
  • The format is mostly in video format.
  • She provides you with actual email templates that can be easily adapted for your business (so valuable!).
  • There is a Facebook community for the course.

The Cons:

  • Whilst the course is amazing value (it will save you so much time and get you generating an income fairly quickly), it is an investment
  • There are no other cons to report!

To purchase the Flawless Funnels course, head over to House of Brazen.

There you have it, a review of Flawless Funnels – the course that gives you a very well rounded, easily actionable and profitable approach to funnels and email marketing!

Happy Marketing!

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