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5 Digital products to sell in your business & increase your revenue streams.

Want to add extra income streams within your business?

Why not create digital products to sell within your business?


When I work with businesses in my social media management business, I often end up talking about online strategy and products. Without a doubt, the client seems surprised that almost all businesses have the capacity to increase their income streams by creating digital products!

I’m always shocked that this information is so new to them! Ha!

So, I thought I’d write about creating digital products that you can sell in your business. I’m so grateful that we live in a time where we can create a product and then have it sell over and over without a lot of our involvement.

After all, that’s the dream, right?

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Here are 5 digital products to sell in your business:


The eBook


I think this was properly the first mass-produced digital product. How great is it that you can package up your knowledge, create a digital book and then have it sell on autopilot on your website. Amazing!

With an ebook, you don’t have to overthink it. I’ve purchased very short books that were worth their weight in gold (well, that’s not a great analogy seeming as though it’s not even a physical product, you know what I mean though!) and others that were so unnecessarily long that I really lost interest and didn’t ever finish it. My advice here is to create something that covers what you need it to cover and keep it simple.

There are a few ways to create your ebook. There including Canva, iBooks and InDesign. I love Adobe products and use InDesign but Canva and iBooks are great, especially if you’re not the up with designing. They have templates to make the process super simple and get your ebook out there in no time!

Once you have your ebook up, you can use a program like SendOwl to link up your payment gateway and have the product sent out on autopilot. They take care of everything, you just need to create the product and load it up. So easy!

If creating an ebook is something that you want to explore I highly recommend the Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp by The She Approach. I’ve bought quite a few products from Ana and they’ve all been such great investments!

The eCourse


Obviously, ecourses are my jam, after all, I’ve created a whole business around them! They are a great option and can be a very profitable product to sell. I’m sure you’ve heard of so many +6 figure ecourse launches. If you something to teach that your audience is wanting, you’ve got the potential to create a very healthy scalable income stream from it!

The reason I prefer them over an ebook is that you can generally charge more and you can update the content easily. With an ebook, once the customer has the ebook, you’d need to send them a new copy with the updates in it.

An ecourse is also a bit more flexible with the way you present the information. You have the capacity to include videos and audio content as well as written content. Everyone is slightly different in how they consume information and learn best, having options for your customers gives them more options.

As an ebook, creating an ecourse is quite simple. In this post, I talk about the steps to take your idea from just that to a fully-fledged (and profitable) course. Make sure you have a read! If you’re wanting more information and the exact steps that another business has taken to earn 7 figures in her courses, I highly recommend this course from Liz Benny.

To keep it simple, I’d suggest you use Teachable to host your course. They have a free option and are really easy to use. I also love this platform as a consumer because all the courses I’ve purchased (there have been a *few*) through Teachable are all in the one spot!

Start brainstorming and see what you come up with!


5 digital products to sell within your business. Increase your revenue streams with digital products. Here are 5 ideas to get your started


Your Photography


If you’re a budding photographer, why not sell some of your images online? With more online businesses being created every day, there’s an endless need for more stock images. There are a few ways to sell your content, including the larger stock image sites like Shutterstock or create your own site and have various options for potential customers to purchase. I personally love using these shops, they’re unique and can inject so much personality into your brand and business.

On The Inspired Boss, I use Her Creative Studio and love them! Have a look around and see what’s out there. Ther might just be a gap in the market that you can fill with your unique set of skills!


Your Templates


I’ve seen a huge increase in this style of digital products recently! Businesses are selling templates for all kinds of things! They’re often products that they use in their business that will then help their customers in their own business but could also be items like planners, budgeting templates or home organising templates.

For example, I recently bought an email template to contact certain businesses. I purchased it for around $5 and it saved me so much time and energy creating my own, and it’s something that works well for another business already. All I need to do is adapt for my business and I’m good to go.

I have also purchased legal documents, Pinterest templates and media kit templates. If you have something that you use within your business and it’s been successful, then I urge you to explore creating them as a digital product to sell within your business.

Templates are absolute gold!


Your Presets


This is another product that has really gotten popular in the online space. They’re very popular on Instagram and you’ll see plenty of accounts selling them in their profiles.

If you don’t know, presets are used in Lightroom to help you edit your photos. A bit like filters but you have the ability to edit them more if you need. They really make the process of editing so much easier as they give you a starting point and then you can create something more individual.

If you are an Instagram influencer and/or a photographer and are continually asked how you edit your photos, presets are something that you can add to income streams easily. Don’t worry though, you won’t be giving all your skill and knowledge away! Photos that are edited with your presets will be quite different from your photos! As you know, there’s so much more than presets to create beautiful imagery!

Presets are definitely something to explore.


I hope that gives you some ideas about how you can create digital products to sell within your business!

I’d also love to hear what you’ve created that’s worked well for your business! Pop it in the comments!

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