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Creativity Blues? 6 Ways to Get Your Swagger Back

So. It looks like you’ve clicked on this blog post because your creative bank account may or may not be running on “re-fuel”.

You want to be inspired, motivated and all those yummy adjectives that hustlers strive for right? Well, when the creativity blues hit, it’s usually your ego that takes a bruising as well.

Don’t stress. We’ve got your back (as always). We’ve put together our 6 sure-fire ways you can get your creativity swagger back and keep smashing those goals.

1. Too much on your plate?

When you start your own business, it’s so bloody exciting that the adrenaline in the first few months usually carries you through your task list … so you kind of don’t realise how much you’re taking on.

A few months in, when you’re juggling the roles of an accountant, social media manager, recruiter and founder is when things can tend to get messy, and your brain essentially goes into overdrive; leaving little room for your creative knacks.

Take a step back. What tasks can you delegate?


2. Grab your iPhone and switch. it. off.

Or Android. Or Samsung. Whatever it is. We’re serious. When was the last time you disconnected for 10 minutes? An hour? A whole day? We get it. Your business is important, and most (if not all) of your ‘biz-world’ is in that phone.

But trust us – this works.

Most of the time when we’re stuck in a creative stronghold with ourselves is because we’re too distracted by what’s going on around us and not investing time into our creativity.


3. Be bold. Keep going

Okay. So your business cards aren’t looking the way you envisioned them. And your website isn’t accurately communicating your brand.

As business owners, we always want to deliver the best. But sometimes we prolong projects, hit that backspace or delete what we wrote long before we have even hit that half way mark – simply because “you don’t love it.”

Well? Here’s a tip and a truth bomb. There will always, always, always be time to refine or edit.

Progress is always better than perfection. So don’t let their inner perfectionist fairy tell you otherwise. Narrow your time frame. Minimise distractions. Once a first draft is done. Sleep on it. Before going back to refresh it.



4. Take a trip … literally anywhere

Sometimes, being outside has the ability to bring the biggest inspiration of all. And it doesn’t have to be far.

If you live in Brisbane, why not head to the coast for the day and take in that salty air for a dose of insp? Sydneysiders, switch off your phone and take yourself to Hunter Valley (there’s more than 150 wineries – let your creativity flow with a glass of wine or two). Melbourne locals we’re sure you are already familiar with the Great Ocean Road … wind down your car windows and press ‘play’ on your favourite playlist – come back ready to #aceit.


5. Do a little digging

Okay. Depending on your task, it’s likely that its not the VERY FIRST time this has ever been written/talked about. So do yourself a favour and read someone else’s opinion/perspective. Now don’t misinterpret us – we’re not suggesting you string together someone else’s work and make it your own!! Sometimes when we lack ideas it helps to tune out of our own thoughts and jump into someone else’s to spark something BRIGHT.

6. Switch up your location!

Take yourself somewhere new – NOT to your favourite cafe – that’s too comfortable and you need instant inspo. Try your state library, google ‘hotdesk’ in your city, head to a (chill) bar! New ideas come about when you’re also pushed out of your comfort zone … so take it all in and face your newfound creativity head on!

Well there you have it folks.

Our 6 ways to crack you out of those creativity blues and back into what you do best – hustling! Got any tips of your own?

Leave them in the comments section below!

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