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Creative Market fonts to create a beautifully branded business

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Oh, how I am totally and utterly obsessed with Creative Market fonts! I mean really love them. I first discovered it a few years ago and now I’d hate to think about how much money I’ve spent there!

Fonts. Graphics. Themes. Oh my!

But really, if you’re wanting to create your own beautiful, branded graphics then you need to get on and have a look around. You can make your website look pro with these fonts, without spending a fortune!

My suggestion would be to invest time and money in learning how to use Illustrator, it’s not as hard as you might think. You could also upgrade to the paid version of Canva but it you’re investing money, I’d go with Illustrator in a flash. There’s nothing better than a consistent brand!

Here are my favourite Creative Market fonts:


Signature Collection by Nicky Laatz

Nicky is my absolute favourite Creative Market artist! Her fonts are amazing! On a side note, I did just watch this video showing how she’s made over $1 millions on Creative Market (it’s mind blowing really).

Anyway, Signature Collection is my favourite and the font I use on The Inspired Boss.

Poppit & Finch by Nicky Laatz

Ok, so remember when I said that I love Nicky Laatz, well I wasn’t lying! This is my most used font with clients. When I show it to them as an option, they jump on it!

This is a duo font set (both fonts are beautiful) and it also comes with heaps of beautiful illustrations and logos.

Silver South by Sam Parrett

Sam is another very well known artist on Creative Market. His fonts are very well used and I’m sure you’ll spot a few of them out in the wild!

This set a sophisticated and contemporary duo font set.

Brooklyn by Sinikka Li

I only stumbled across this beautiful duo font set the other day and I’m super keen to give it a go! I love the combo of the bold san serif font and the femininity of the script.

Such a great duo!

Santorini by PeachCreme

This font is slightly different to the others that I love but can you tell I love a good handwritten font?!?!? This font makes your branding look on point and uber sophisticated.

PeachCreme has a number of beautiful so make sure you check them out.

There you have it, my top 5 favourite Creative Market fonts!

Which is your favourite?

Use the Creative Market fonts to create a beautifully branded business

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