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An honest Create and Go review. We know how hard it is to know where to put your money when it comes to buying online courses. We've done the work so you can reap the rewards!

Create and Go Review

Have you seen Create and Go around but not sure if their courses will help you in your business?


In Create and Go review, we’re going to go through the courses and let you know how they have changed my business and blog. We’ll go through the positives and the negatives and give you a well-rounded review of their courses.


If you haven’t heard of Create and Go, it was started by Alex and Lauren to show other bloggers how to start, grow and monetize their blogs. They started Avocadu and ere earning $20 000/month before starting to share their experiences through their courses through Create and Go. They now earn 7 figures across their blogs with digital products like courses and ebooks. They are inspirational and are proof that you can create a business that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

Before we start, I want to say that I’ve taken two out of three of their courses, I haven’t taken the ‘Launch Your Blog’ course. This course is for beginner bloggers, making less than $1000/month in their business.

The Inspired Boss was launched in March 2018. I had the idea that it would be helpful to have a range of courses for online business owners in the one spot. I have spent hours upon hours searching through the internet to find courses, only to find something else that might have been a better fit only days later.

When I launched it, it was primarily a marketplace of courses where other business owners could list their courses on the site. I wasn’t starting the business to blog.

Or so I thought!

Not long into the process I started blogging regularly and was loving it. Not only that, but I saw that it was a key factor in growing my business and getting more traffic. In a previous life, I had a sewing blog that I loved but it fizzled out when kids came along and I didn’t have the time to sew, let alone blog about it.

Now, most of my traffic comes from Pinterest through the blog and therefore, most of my email subscribers and income as well.

I knew the basics of affiliate marketing from the sewing blog but wanted to take it more seriously and took Michelle’s, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. This got me to the point of making money $500-$1200/month but I knew that to take the blog and business to the next level, I’d have to learn more advanced blogging technics and strategies.


Six Figure Blogger

Let’s start the Create and Go review by looking at their most popular course: Six Figure Blogger.

This was the first course I purchase. At the time, I couldn’t see how I was going to be able to get over that level of income and knew I had to create other income streams. That seemed so overwhelming and I really wasn’t sure where to put my time and energy to take the next step towards a six figure blog.

This is what ultimately got me to purchase Six Figure Blogger.

I needed someone that had created a 6 & 7 figure blog to show me the next steps to take. To show me what to focus on and where to spend the valuable time that I had in the right spot. If you’re a mum, you’ll know how precious time can be and how frustrating it can be when you waste the little time you do have.

For me, it was so important to learn from someone that was where I wanted to be and someone I trusted.

Lauren and Alex from Create and Go were just that. They had created a six figure health blog and had also created Create and Go, a 7 figure business at the time of writing. Mind-blowing hey!

Once I purchased Six Figure Blogger, I found it so easy to get into the content and couldn’t put it down, like a good book! I had multiple ‘ah-ah’ moments and couldn’t wait to get started putting the content into practice!


My honest review of Create and Go


Six Figure Blogger: Email Marketing

Email marketing was the main reason I purchased Six Figure Blogger so that was my starting point. That’s what I wanted to implement first and I got stuck into it. The main component of email marketing that I wanted to really improve on was creating funnels. I knew that they would improve my business but I just felt so lost with them. Sure, I had read bits and bobs here and there but I wanted to know how someone created a funnel that converted. I wanted to be shown what they sent out and the reasoning behind it.

The email marketing module showed me exactly what to do. You get a behind the scenes look into their business and how the setup and structure their funnels. I have so much more confidence in creating them now and have seen increased sales as a result.


Six Figure Blogger: Digital Product Creation

I have to say that I think most people would be purchasing Six Figure Blogger for the ebook and course creation modules. Even though they weren’t my primary motivation, I have gotten so much out of them and I have even created two ebooks in the process. They show you how they create the products but more importantly, they show you how to figure out how to sell them successfully. They take you through the process of creating the freebie, the funnel and the actual product. To be honest, I don’t think I have seen a course that covers all those things in one.

I highly recommend the Six Figure Blogger course for anyone that’s wanting to take their blog to that elusive six figure mark!


Pinterest Avalanche

The other course in this Create and Go review is their Pinterest Avalanche course. As the name implies, this course takes you through how they use Pinterest to grow their business. Pinterest is Create and Go’s primary generator of traffic and therefore income, so they obviously put so much time and energy into seeing what works and what doesn’t.

I do have a fair bit of experience with Pinterest and was wondering if there would be enough in there to justify the cost of the course. I have to say that if you are a beginner, you’ll be blown away by the content in Pinterest Avalanche but even if you do have more experience with Pinterest, you’ll still have plenty of takeaways.

I have learnt a lot and have started implementing their strategies. This process has only just begun and I have a few more things to implement but I’ll update this as I go through the course in more details.


Create and Go Review: Conclusion

On the whole, I’ve been so happy with both my purchases from Create and Go and can highly recommend them. I hope that this honest Create and Go review has helped you make your decision, whatever you choose to do!

They’ve also bundled up their 3 courses into the Pro Blogger Bundle, which gives you the courses at a discounted price.

Don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any questions in relation to their courses.

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