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5 ways to help you create content consistently and easily

5 ways to stay consistent with content creation

The struggle to stay consistent with content creation is real!

I’m sure that everyone with an online business can agree.


I’m the first to put my hand up to say that I definitely struggle with it. I can be hard, especially when you’re working around a full-time job or around your commitments with kids.

Over the years I’ve really struggled to stay focused on content creation. When I think back, I just didn’t know what was moving the needle in my business. I was trying to do everything, in no order and as you know, nothing really gets done!

Now I know what I need to do to grow my business so I focus on that. That’s what gets done before anything else. For me, that’s content creation.

So, how do I get the work done now?

Let’s dive into some strategies to help you up your content creation game.

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Batch your tasks

This is my favourite! Batching means you sit down and create content in the one are at once. For example, you might have a day where you’re solely working on writing blog posts. Or recording videos. Or editing podcasts. You get the idea.

I find this so helpful because I get in the flow. If I’m concentrating on writing blog posts, words flow so easily when that’s all I’m working on. It also reduces the interruption that occurs when you change tasks, you waste time getting your head back in the game. It takes time to focus on the new task.

The other reason I love it is that there are some tasks that I outsource in my businesses, batching means that I can ship out a whole pile of blog posts to be loaded, formatted and images created.

Give it a try, you might be surprised!


Schedule your time

This is another one that I’ve found has really helped. I schedule my time that I have allocated to my business. Each day I know that I have at least a couple of hours to commit to my businesses. I know what I’ll be working on each day because I’ve planned it out.

I know that on days where I’m typically busier with the kids, I can schedule a few social media posts around sleep time and play time.

I also know that I get up early on Wednesdays to batch out blog posts. I have that time where the house is quiet and I can really concentrate on writing.

Everyone’s calendar is going to look different. Your calendar might even change as the seasons in your life change. It’s going to take to get it right but have a play around.

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Repurpose your content

Repurposing your content is gold! We all have one main platform that we like to create on. Whether that be blog posts, podcasts or videos. However you do it, you can take that content and create content on another platform, you can snip up the blog post and create social media posts or you can send out an email based around the video you’ve just created.

By doing this, you’re saving so much time on creating new and the content that you have created gets so much more life to it. The time and energy that you put into creating it are not wasted. The content lives on and gives you so much return on the time you used to create it.


5 ways to stay consistent with content creation. The struggle is real but here are 5 ways to up your content creation game.


Make content creation a priority

There are a million tasks that need to be done in your business. I understand but you know what? You need to prioritise the tasks that move the needle in your business. For me, that’s content creation so that’s where I prioritise my time. Content creation is the one thing that must get done each and every month.

If you’re in that situation, then you need to tackle it first, stay focused and get the work done. Remove all other distractions and get the content creation done. Simple.


Outsource all or some aspects of content creation

There’s no reason why you can’t outsource some or all of your content creation. If it’s something that you find it hard to commit to getting the work done, then get help!

You might want to write some of the content that is more personal, more storytelling but then you might want to outsource the more informative type posts.

Or, if you really want to be creating the content yourself, then outsource the other tasks that take your time away from the tasks that you love doing. Make your life easier and focus on what you love doing.

The possibilities are endless!


I hope that gives you some ways to help you create content consistently and easily. If you need a planner to help you stay organised and on track, then head over here for my free 2019 blog planner.

If you have anything other tips on content creation, then pop them in the comments!



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