Are you wanting to up your blogging game but not sure which blogging courses to invest in? You’re in the right place, we’re going to show you the best blogging courses that have helped us!


We know how overwhelming it can be when you’re just starting out! You want to learn it all and master this whole blogging thing like, yesterday!

So, we’ve created this list of courses that we think are must do to help you get eyes on your blog and money in your bank account. These are the topics that we’ve covered: affiliate marketing, setting up your blog, getting traffic to your blog, creating offers, social media and email marketing. The courses are listed in the order that makes the most sense, start at the beginning and get through them when the funds allow it.

There’s so much to cover in the online biz world but these are the best blogging courses in our opinion!

Here are the best blogging courses for beginners:


1. Blog By Number by Start a Mom Blog

This course by Start a Mommy Blog is amazing value. This has to to be the most in-depth ‘How to start a blog course’ I’ve seen, especially given the price tag. It’s just $97.

It is definitely geared towards the absolute beginner, taking you through the process of figuring out your niche, getting your blog up, creating posts but also touches on Pinterest and affiliate marketing. It’s a great beginner blog course and a perfect place to start!

Suzi from Start a Mommy Blog also has a fantastic free course – The Blog Plan

For more information and to purchase Blog By Number, click here.


Best blogging course 1: Blog By Number course - learn how to get your blog up and off the ground.



2. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

This course is hands down the course that has given me the best bang for my buck. The course is currently $197 and in my opinion, worth so much more. It’s the course that I’ve earned my money back the quickest too. If you are wanting to explore the world of affiliate marketing in more depth, then this course is an absolute no-brainer!

Whilst the Blog By Number course does include affiliate marketing, this course takes you deeper and helps you get results from your affiliate marketing efforts. Michelle, the course creator, is definitely someone you want to learn from. She earns $50 000/month just from her affiliates. I can say that I’m anywhere near that level but it’s something to aspire to.

Click here to purchase Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Best blogging course 2: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing - there are so may reasons why I've included this course in my list of best blogging courses. The main one being that I earned my money back very quickly from implementing what I learnt


Here are the best blogging courses we've used to grow your blog and business!


3. Blog Design 2.0 by A Beautiful Mess

Blog Design 2.0 from the girls at A Beautiful Mess, show you how to design your blog. You’ll learn design, font, and colour basics for crafting a strong visual brand online. You’ll be able to map your site’s navigation, know how to make your archives work for you, and how to optimize your posts for Pinterest. This class will help you to customize your online space in a way that fits your style, engages your readers, and looks amazing!

For more information and to purchase the course, click here.

Best blogging course 3: learn to design your own blog - Blog Love 2.0 - A Beautiful Mess


4. Sales Funnel Workshop by House of Brazen

If you want to learn how to sell your digital products without feeling salesy, then this course is for you. Elise takes you through how to set up and automate your sales process, freeing up your time to create more products or to relax!

She gives you her blueprint to her sales funnels and shows you what works and what doesn’t work.

For more information and to purchase, click here.

Best blogging course 4: Sales funnel workshop by Houe of Brazen. Learn how to set up your sales funnel on autopilot

5. ePicnic by The Digital Picnic

The ePicnic course by the girls at The Digital Picnic is the only course that I’ve seen that covers all of the major social media platforms. For that reason, they don’t in depth with the content but it gives you a great basis to start with from there you can be confident with your social presence. Once you have the basics going well, you are free to explore and see what works for your business and audience.

The course helps you make the most of your platforms and teaches you how to create a social media strategy to get you closer to your business goals.

They also have great support and a beautiful community of TDP graduates which we’ve found so great and have made some amazing connections!

To purchase, click here.

Best blogging course 5: ePicnic course from The Digital Picnic - why I've included it in my list of best blogging courses.



That’s a wrap folks, the best blogging courses that have had the biggest impact on my business. Like we mentioned at the beginning, we’ll be updating these courses as we find ones that I think will serve you better.

If there’s something that we haven’t covered here, make sure you head over to The Inspired Boss shop and browse the courses we have listed.

Good luck with your blogging efforts!

There’s a world of potential out there waiting for you. Share your knowledge and create a life and income stream that gives you the freedom to live your life in your terms! xx