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9 ways I work on my money mindset every day!

9 ways to improve your money mindset

Want to know how to improve your money mindset and live in a place of abundance?


You’re in the right spot!


Here’s how I put money mindset practice into my daily routine.

The last 12 month have really pushed my limits. The limits that I have, probably subconsciously, put on myself, especially when it come my money mindset.

For me, money mindset has been the hardest to tackle, the one that’s stretched me the most and the one that made the most change with the work that I’ve been doing.

I decided that for 2018, that my money mindset was going to be my main focus. I wanted to spend a chunk of time putting it into practice.

That seemed to be an area that I knew I had work to do! I had grown up with a lack mentality, like most of us I think. My parents worked hard, earnt money for us to take amazing holidays and adventures but there was a definite lack.

‘Money was hard to come by.’

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’

‘You have to work hard to money. If you don’t, you must be a shady character’

Blah blah blah

We’ve all heard them and I believe most of us they are a reality.

In my early twenties, I started to hear bits and pieces about creating abundance. I loved the concept but really struggled with putting it into practice on a daily basis. I had created ideas around what I wanted but I wasn’t consistent with it.

Through my twenties I worked hard, earnt money, bought properties, that’s what all good 20 year olds do right?

I did realise though, that I had now become stuck and had to keep working to maintain everything. In the end, those properties have performed well but at the time I wondered what monster I had created!

At some point I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad (definitely a must read for anyone really!) and that got me thinking about starting and building my own businesses. Up until this point, I only had a vision to work for others.

No one in my family had ever had their own business and I have to say, they still don’t really understand it but I’m ok with that.

That’s went I really set about learning as much as I could and started playing around. In the beginning, I was really just playing but I soon realised the infinite potential when having your business, especially one that you could automate and ultimately create passive income.

Once I really understood that that was possible, I made it a priority to work on my money mindset. I knew that if I wanted to get to my goals, I had to step up and out of my comfort zone and challenge my beliefs!

I know how daunting that can be! I’ve been there but I also know if you don’t stretch yourself, change won’t happen!

Last year, I worked so hard on it! I committed and practiced it daily.

It wasn’t until I took the Money Bootcamp course by Denise Duffield Thomas that I really got stuck into changing my money mindset and took it serious. It became a daily practice, a non-negotiable. It now takes me about 15 minutes a day with a couple of small reminders throughout the day.

Two resources that really resonated with me were Lucky Bitch Bootcamp and the book Earth is Hiring.


Lucky Bitch Bootcamp

This course from Denise Duffield Thomas really helped to get to the bottom of what was going on in my head. The stories that I had been telling myself and how the past a shaped the present me. One of the biggest takeaways was that wherever you are now, you are able to change it!

I also learnt tools like tapping that have become part of my daily routine. This course is on the more expensive side but I have to say it’s been well worth the money!


Earth is Hiring

This book opened my eyes to a whole new paradigm of thinking. Even though I was on the path of this mindset, this book took me on another journey, one that really resonated with me. It’s an easy read and will definitely challenge your current beliefs!

It’s kind of hard to sum up this book but I highly recommend it!


What does that all look like in practice?


Here are 9 ways that I work on my money mindset on a daily basis:


1. Practice gratitude daily

We all have something to be grateful for! Equally, we all something to be grateful for in terms of money. I’ve gotten into the practice of when I receive money, whether that’s in my business, my pay or I receive something of value for free, I say ‘thank you, more please’. I’ll have to admit that I did feel strange in the beginning but now it’s so automatic! It really makes me think about how grateful I am to have received that money and I politely ask for more.

On top of that, when I can pay for something, I’m so happy that I have the ability to spend the money on that particular item, whether it’s new clothes or a tax bill. There are so many people out there that struggling to buy food, electricity or shelter, that fact that I can pay for it makes me happy!

When you start thinking this way, you always feel like there’s abundance and that helps your money mindset!

2. Forgive and let go of the past

I’m sure we can all think back to times where we were deep in the lack mindset. For some, you might have spent a lot of time there. Acknowledge that you were there, forgive and let it go. There’s no point in carrying that around with you. The quicker you can forgive yourself, your parents, your partner, the quicker you’ll be able to start working on your money mindset!

3. Scripting

One of the tools from Earth Is Hiring that has helped me immensely, is scripting. It’s taking visualisation to the next level. Really cementing it as your reality. What you do is write a letter to money telling money what you’re grateful for, why you love it and what it has done for you. It’s based on the fact that we all have a relationship with money and this is a way to nurture and grow that relationship.

Once you’ve written it, don’t worry if it’s not perfect it will evolve, it’s your job to sit quietly every day and read it. Be present and really read it. Enjoy those feelings that are evoked while you are reading it. You’re reading your reality (when writing, make sure you’re writing in the present tense) enjoy it and be grateful for everything that money has given you.

Again, I can’t recommend the book enough!


4. Visualising

Even though I do practice scripting every day, I do also make time for visualising. I am naturally a person that spends time daydreaming (something that I *may* have gotten into a lot of trouble over as a kid), this is the time that I really visualise what I want my life to look like.

I spend time visualising the flow of the day, the house we’ll live in, the travel we’ll do and the freedom to live a life that we love. I may not visualise them all each day but a spend a few moments of downtime thinking about something along those lines.

5. Create your own luxury

There have been times where we haven’t had a lot of spare money. The thing that I am grateful for is that it’s taught me that you don’t need lots of money to have some luxury. And really trust me when I say that!

You can create beautiful romantic dinners at home. Or a spa-like session in the bathroom. Or give each other massages. Or even massage yourself (I love using essential oils and massage my face, it feels amazing and it’s a time that I spend visualising!). Head out somewhere local for a night away, it doesn’t need to be an international holiday.

I hope that gives you an idea of how to create your own luxury!

6. Give money away

I know counterintuitive this can feel but when you’re starting to have that lack mindset creep in, give some money to a charity or even just shout a friend a coffee. The fact that you can do that really helps get your money mindset back into the land of abundance.

In fact this morning I was doing my fruit and vegetable shopping. Whilst I was paying an elderly lady came up and popped a large bottle of organic apple juice on the counter. It was heavy and she didn’t want to carry it around. She joked that I could pay for it for her. So, I did. I left before she noticed but I’m sure it made her smile. It definitely made me smile.

Give it a go!

7. Keep learning

This is a big one! Keep listening to podcasts, reading books and blogs that inspire you. This is a process! It’s unlikely that you’re going to read one book and then master this practice. You’ll need to continue to grow and learn.

Like I mentioned before, I got a lot out of Denise Duffield Thomas’ course Money Bootcamp and the book Earth Is Hiring. Podcasts that I love are James Wedmore, Jenna Kutcher and Screw the 9-5.

There are so many other resources out there, have a look around and find ones that resonate with you!

8. Tapping

I had no idea what this was when I first heard about it! It was taught in the Money Bootcamp course and it’s something that I do each day now. It’s a bit different and in the beginning,  I was really unsure that it would do much but I have to say it’s been great when I feel those feelings of lack creep back in.

Instead of me trying to explain it, search for it on YouTube, there are heaps of videos that will explain it well and show you how to practice it.

9. Extra small things I do

There are a couple of other things that I do to make sure I’m working on my money mindset every day. I find it’s the small things that really help cement this mindset and make it your new norm. In the past I think that’s where I fell off the wagon, I’d practice a couple of things and then go back to my normal stuff, slowing slipping back into the lack mindset.

I carry at least $50 in my wallet at all times. I love the feeling when I open it and there’s money there. I usually don’t spend it but it feels great seeing it there. I also make sure my wallet is well organised, clean and tidy.

My passwords remind me of my goals and why I’m working on this! Every time I put a password in, I create that feeling of abundance and live in the moment that what I’m working towards is already a reality.

I care for and am grateful for my possessions. I know that I don’t need a lot in this life and that I’m grateful for the things that I have.

I’m also very careful with the words that I use with the kids. They often what to buy things when we’re out, as most children do. Instead of saying ‘we can’t afford it’, I phrase it in a way that repeats that we have everything we need and we’d rather spend money on experiences.


I really hope I’ve given you the tools to start working on your money mindset and move into abundance, leaving that old lack mindset behind!

I’d love to hear what you do daily to improve your money mindset! Pop it in the comments.

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  1. This post is super helpful and enlightening! I definitely struggle with having the wrong mindset of lacking. I am definitely going to share this with my boyfriend to help us with our money mindset. Thank you so much!

    1. I’m so happy it was helpful! My husband was a little hard to get on board but it’s so great both being on the same page!!!
      Good luck with it!!!

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