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7 tips to increase your website traffic (and revenue) using Pinterest

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Pinterest, some people love it and others have no idea how to use it, or more importantly how to use it for their business. I love it now but I have to admit that I didn’t know how to leverage it for my businesses.

To help you demystify the process, I’m going to go through some of the basics. Hopefully this will save you time and increase traffic to your website, win win!

Here are my top 7 tips:

  1. Set up a business account – You can switch your existing account to business, this will give you so super valuable metrics. If you do this, make sure you update your profile. Make the photo something that aligns with your brand and write your bio so it reflects you and your business. Otherwise just start from scratch and set everything up for your business.
  2. Set up your boards – If you’re using an existing personal profile, you don’t need to close it down, you’ll just need to switch boards that aren’t relevant to your new audience to ‘secret’. Think about topics that you think will resonate well with your audience. For example, if you’re a travel blog you might have ‘Flying with kids tips’, ‘Places to see in Australia’, and ‘Travel Equipment’. I’d suggest you create between 10 and 20 boards. Your board titles are searchable so make sure you use keywords!
  3. Write your board descriptions – When you set up a board you’ll be able to add a description. This is also searchable so just make sure you’re using keywords, words that you think your audience will be searching for. Make your description short and to the point!
  4. Create board covers – use canva or illustrator to create a vertical pin. Use your brand colours and then, using brand fonts, place a short description, the board name or even just a symbol to the centre of the pin. Go into Pinterest and add pin, upload the image to the board you want it on and then make the link the url of that board, give it a description and pin it. Then go into the board and make it the cover. Do one for each board, it will give your account profile some visual appeal and branding.
  5. Create images that align with your brand – create a template in Canva or Illustrator. Use vertical images and fonts and colors from your brand. Try and keep the fonts easy to read and bold. When creating your pin, use brand colour in the photos, as an overlay or in the fonts. Always add your URL in the image. Create 3-4 images per blog post, all slightly different. By doing this you’ll give your brand more exposure and you’ll start notice which ones do well. Click add pin, upload your image, link and description. Add it to the board or boards that are relevant.
  6. Pin to group boards – Find group boards where you are target audience hangs out. Group boards are created by someone but they have more than one contributor. They usually have a large audience and are great to help you get your posts out there into the world. They can be gold! The steps to take are usually listed in the description of the board. Make sure you follow them and then stick to the rules of the board, otherwise you’ll find yourself being kicked off! It’s also good etiquette to pin from your group boards, it helps keep them active and you’ll find others will pin your posts too.
  7. Pin daily – make sure you’re pinning relevant content daily. This can be a mix of your own and others content. It’s usually a good idea to keep your content to 20% and 80% others. I’d suggest pinning 20-50 pins per day. Don’t be scared to repin your own content onto other boards or to the same board more than once. To get help with this, you can use tailwind, it’s a paid program but it will save you heaps of time. It’s totally doable without it though!

There you have it! My steps to create a Pinterest account that helps leverage your business and hopefully, create more revenue for you! For a more info on the amazing impact Pinterest can have on your business, check out Melissa’s Pinning Perfect course from Blog Clarity.

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