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4 reasons why failing when it comes to business, is a good thing

#BusinessLife is not all smooth sailing. But you already knew that right?

We bet you wouldn’t have clicked on this article if you:

  1. a) hadn’t experience failure at some point;
  2. b) are dreading experiencing failure at some point.

Here’s the thing though.

You don’t LEARN by constant success. You learn through growth. And you GROW by experiencing lessons in business and life.

So next time you feel like a bit down because of a mishap, as though you’ve hit a brick wall – remember this:


1. Once you’ve failed. It’s time to forge a new path.


BOOM. The road is now blocked. Time to choose a new course – NOT a new goal. There are many ways to get to where you want to be. Use this failure as a ‘re-direction’ to your goal.

Remember that little sheet you wrote ALL of your ‘crazy stupid’ ideas on? Time to bring that baby back out because it’s got your plan B on it.


2. Use this as an opportunity to be BETTER.


Now that you have some #entrepwisdom under your belt – you’re stronger than you were yesterday.

Trust us.

That sinking feeling you might still have, is going to be replaced with a hunger to be greater, do better, and achieve results.

A HUGE part of being an entrepreneur is your #hustle mindset. So take feedback from your failure and focus on making it work.

4 reasons why failing in business isn't a bad thing! We especially love reason number 2!

3. Yes, you (and your business) will continue after a failure.


It’s a shot in the foot – not in the heart. Yes, you will be business-shy for maybe a day or two (depending on hard you let it hit you). But dust it off, because there’s work to be done!

Failure isn’t going to be your demise, but fear of failure may just keep you from all you’re working towards.


4. It’s called resilience. Look it up tough stuff.


What was your initial reaction to the failure? How were you handling it an hour later? 2 hours? 24? 48?

How we react to failure can teach us a lot about ourselves. And the type of leaders we want to be.

Yes, you will fail again, and each failure – if you treat it like a practice run – can help you bounce back from the next, and the one after that and so on.

This is called resilience. It’s going to make you a stronger leader, employer, employee and business owner.

Give yourself a pat on the back #InspiredBossFam.

Wherever you’re at on your #BusinessLife, know that it’s exactly where you are meant to be, and that you’ve got this.

And remember – it’s never a failure, always a lesson.

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