Get access to 20 free e-courses to help you create and grow your business

10 free e-courses you need to grow your creative business

You want to start an online business but you don’t have endless piles of cash to fund it.


Here’s the good news though, you don’t need it! Of course, there are some great resources out there that are paid but there are some great free e-courses that will help you get started!

I wanted to create a list of courses that cover various aspect of business and generating an income. I have done all 10 and am so excited to share them with you!

Let’s start at the beginning. You have a business idea but not sure how to translate that into an actual website. Each course will walk you through elements of online business and have so much value!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you click through an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. This occurs at no extra cost to you.


1. How to start a blog – HerPaperRoute

This course from Chelsea over at HerPaperRoute is a great ‘how-to’ tutorial on setting up your website and blog the right way. Chelsea is a wealth of knowledge in the area of blogging! I have learnt so much from her and love reading her content. To sign up, head here


Get The Blogging Roadmap for free!


2. Legally Blogs – Blogging for New Bloggers

Getting on top of the legal aspect of the blog and business isn’t my favourite job but it’s most certainly necessary! In this free course by Blogging for New Bloggers, learn how to protect your blog and meet all the legal requirements! Topics covered include being GDPR compliant, what’s copyright and how to protect your work, what legal pages you need on your blog and how to keep track of your income and expenses, just to name a few. To enrol, click here.


3. SEO Nibbles – Kate Toon

I’m going to be very honest here and say that I find SEO the most boring part of running an online business! I put off learning more, not because I didn’t think it was important but because I knew I’d struggle to get through it! Kate walks you through the basics in an easy to understand and dare I say, entertaining way. You’ll get a lot out of this e-course, head here to sign up.


Now to make money in your business. These free e-courses will help you do just that, create an income!


4. Get Paid to Write Online – Elna Cain

There are so many ways to earn an income online, this e-course from Elna teaches you how to use your writing skills to generate an income in your business. Service-based businesses are a great way to start online. Whilst they can be demanding in terms of time and deadlines, they are able to generate an income fairly quickly. My first online business was in social media management, you can read how I started that here. Sign up to Elna’s course here.


5. The Vault – House of Brazen

Elise at House of Brazen has an awesome resource library jammed packed with content! There are modules on creating funnels, generating passive income, affiliate marketing, money mindset and social media hacks. So much goodness in one spot! Get access to The Vault here.


6. Monetize your Blog – Girl Bosses Rock

Generating an income is ultimately the aim of any business! This free e-course from Girl Bosses Rock gives you a great overview of passive income, particularly affiliate marketing. If you’re not sure what affiliate marketing is, it’s when you recommend a product and when someone purchases it after using your link, you’ll receive a commission from the creator of the product or service. Many bloggers generate income via affiliate marketing. To learn more, head over to Girl Bosses Rock.

Here are 10 free e-courses that will help you create and grow your business.

A huge part of any business is social media. It can seem so daunting and overwhelming to know where to be and what to share with your audience. Here are three free e-courses, one each for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


7. Facebook Ads Strategies – HerPaperRoute

This is another free e-course from Chelsea at HerPaperRoute. Facebook Ads can be super confusing but this course helps you with the basics to get you started. Head here to get access to the course.


8. Instagram Authority – Alex Tooby

This is one of those free e-courses that you think you should be paying for! Alex gives you so much information to help you get your Instagram account working for your business. I highly recommend this course! Check out all of her free resources here.


9. Beginner’s Guide to Making Money on Pinterest – Girl Bosses Rock

When I first started The Inspired Boss, a lot of it was new to me, in particular, Pinterest. I had used it in the past and loved it. I saved sewing tutorials, recipes and coo activities for the kids. It wasn’t until I investigated that I realised how much it helps you generate an income! There are few ways that you can use to make money and this free e-course will walk you through some of those ways. Sign up here.


And the lucky last….


10. Creative Live

I love Creative Live! If you haven’t heard of it, where have you been living? Whilst they do charge for courses, you can create a free account and attend the classes that are streaming live for free. I’ve attended some great courses for free. See what’s on-air at the moment here.

There you have it, 10 free e-courses to help you create and scale your business.

4 thoughts on “10 free e-courses you need to grow your creative business”

  1. This is an AWESOME post Deanna! I will be looking into these courses ASAP. I’m a blog beginner myself so finding posts like yours gives me hope and access to more knowledge.

    Thank ya’!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy that you’re diving into the world of blogging! It’s been life-changing for me and it makes me so happy when others give it a go! Good luck with it!

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